Grow Tent Setup

grow tent setup process

If you are facing problems with setting up your first grow tent then you are in right place. Because today you will learn how to set up a grow tent in easy steps. All brands of grow tents have the same setup process. They also give a small instruction manual with their tents. By using … Read more

Best Inline Duct fan

Inline duct fan is essential equipment if you are growing indoors. The right equipment helps to grow healthier and give more harvest seasons per year. Today we will help you to choose your first inline fan, it is not hard to choose but yet it is confusing. Read below to choose the right product according … Read more

Best Grow Tents for Plants

small grow tents

For the best growth of plants, you need to control many factors like temperature, light, humidity, etc. which Is not possible to control in ordinary rooms but you can do this in grow tents. There are many types of grow tents all of them are look similar to each other but actually, they are different. … Read more

MarsHydro LED Grow Lights


Best Marshydro LED grow lights for beginners Marshydro LED grow lights are the top class indoor grow lights widely used by professional growers. Their high-quality products, customer-friendly service and long warranty with a money-back guarantee make them the best Grow light manufacturer. In this post, I will show you the two best marshydro LED grow … Read more

Best T5 Grow Lights

t5 grow lights

If you are new to indoor growing then it will be hard for you to choose T5 grow lights. Before buying any of the models read this guide on T5 grow lights. This guide will help you to buy your first T5 grow light with top features under an affordable price tag. Introduction To T5 Grow Lights: … Read more

Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

Viparspectra 1200W UL Certified LED grow light If you are growing multiple plants at home for selling them in the market for profit. You need a Grow light that reduces your operating costs and you get the finished product at a low cost. This light is suitable to grow all types of Organic herbs like … Read more