How You can Grow Cast-Iron Plant in Plant Pots

cast-iron plant

Cast-Iron Plant is also called hard to kill houseplant. Because it needs less care and maintenance. Where others plants die due to negligence, it grows perfectly fine. It needs less care and attention from its grower. This is the reason people grow it in low-light areas where none of the other houseplants can survive. You … Read more

Yucca Plant Care and Propagation Guide

yucca plant

Yucca plant is also called a tree for indoors. If you like to grow tree-like houseplants that required less care and maintenance. Then you should go for the yucca plant. It has beautiful and sharp green spike-shaped leaves. In some parts of North America, it is also known as the razor leaf plant. Yucca is … Read more

How do you care for Beefsteak Begonia

Beefsteak Begonia- Begonia x erythrophylla

Begonias are the most widely grown houseplants. They have excellent foliage with beautiful flowers. Beefsteak Begonia is a beautiful member of this family with green-reddish leaves. The top side is green and the underside is reddish or burgundy. This is not a natural variety of begonias. It is created by the botanical scientists of Germany. … Read more

Hoya Callistophylla Grow Guide

Hoya Callistophylla

Today we are going to talk about another rare variety of hoya called Hoya Callistophylla. This plant has glossy leaves with unique patterns on them. In its natural habitat, this hoya plant climbs on large trees. The best part is you can grow it in hanging baskets or in normal plant pots. It depends on … Read more

Eyelash Fern Care Guide and Propagation

Eyelash Fern - Actiniopteris australis

Eyelash Fern is also called Actiniopteris australis in some parts of America. It has leaves (fronds) that look like eyelashes. Fronds will stay green for 365 days if you grow them in the best potting soil. Because this plant is a little picky about the humidity and soil. Warm weather and high humidity are the … Read more

How do you care for a Hoya Kentiana?

Hoya Kentiana plant

Hoya Kentiana is different than other Hoya plants. It has long leaves with green outsides and a creamy center. It also produces flowers in cluster form, they release a pleasant fragrance. It is easy to grow and care for. Because its needs are almost the same as other hoya varieties. You will enjoy the complete … Read more

How do you care for a Syngonium Rayii


Syngonium Rayii is an extraordinary plant. You cannot find it easily in garden stores. Its beautiful velvety arrow-shaped leaves make it an excellent piece of decoration. The white line in the center of the leaves makes it a stunning foliage plant. Rayii is a costly plant and one should learn about its care needs before … Read more