Growing and Caring Callisia fragrans

Callisia fragrans

Callisia fragrans is also famous as a basket plant. It is a member of the wandering Jew family. People grow it for its sweet smell and for its medicinal properties. As we all know indoor plants purify indoor air. Basket plants (Callisia fragrans) also reduce indoor air pollution. The best part is it is easy … Read more

Silver Dollar Plant Growing and Caring tips

silver dollar plant

It is easy to grow a silver dollar plant in your outdoor garden. Silver dollar does not need much care and maintenance. Just sow the seeds give them enough sunlight, water, and correct temperature. It will grow healthy and brilliantly beautiful. If you too want to grow silver dollar plant in your garden. But don’t … Read more

Arabian jasmine plant

growing jasmine plants

If you like to have a beautiful jasmine flower plant in your garden. Then the Arabian Jasmine also known as Jasminum Sambac is the best choice. This variety of Jasmine plants produces white color clustered flowers. These flowers produce an amazingly sweet smell that spread happiness in the environment. And it is easy to grow … Read more