Why Your Cymbidium Orchid not flowering

cymbidium orchid not flowering

If your Cymbidium Orchid is not flowering then incorrect temperature might be the reason. Because cymbidiums need a constant temperature to bloom. But there are other things also that directly impact the flower production of the orchid plants. Light, Watering, and humidity are also important to encourage your cymbidium orchid to re-bloom. But if you … Read more

How do you care for Cattleya Orchids?

cattleya orchids

Cattleya Orchids are the most widely grown orchids. They are famous because they produce very beautiful flowers. All 50 varieties of Cattleya Orchids are equally beautiful. You can choose any variety to grow at home in plant pots. Cattleyas are easy to grow and care for. They are naturally found in the jungles of the … Read more

How do you take care of Yellow Elder Plant?

Yellow elder plant

Yellow Elder is an ornamental shrub and it needs good space to grow large and healthy. It produces green foliage with glossy yellow leaves. It has many other names like Tecoma stans, trumpet bush, and yellow bell plant. This is a heat-resistant plant means you can grow it easily in the summer season and it … Read more

How do you take care of a Goldfish plant?


Goldfish plants produce beautiful red and orange color flowers with dark glossy green leaves. In one look these flowers look like a goldfish. Many people fail when they grow goldfish plants because it is hard to grow and care for them. You need good knowledge of plant requirements and soil ingredients before growing it at … Read more

How do you care for Dragon Tongue Plant at Home


Dragon Tongue Plant produces green lush foliage. It can be used to decorate multiple places. You can grow it on the sideways, patios, as a groundcover, and in the container. Then you can place the container wherever you want some natural decoration. Growing and caring dragon tongue is quite simple and easy. No need to … Read more

How do you take care of a Yellow Oleander?

yellow oleander

Now, this is the perfect outdoor plant for covering the dull corners of your garden and backyard. It produces yellow color flowers. It blooms for many months and stays green for 365 days. Generally, it is a strong plant with an extraordinary immune system. But the problems come only in extremely cold winters. On these … Read more

How you can grow Orchids in Glass Containers?

orchids glass containers

If you do not like plastic-made Orchid pots and want an excellent alternative. The Glass Containers are the best option. Orchids in glass containers look exceptionally beautiful. There are many transparent plastic pots in the market. You can go for them if you cannot handle the glass material properly. Also, glass containers are costly but … Read more