Why is Your Polka Dot Plant flowering?

polka dot plant flowering

Polka dot plants are famous for their leaves but what to do when polka dot produce flowers. Sometimes polka plant grows purple or blue blossoms spikes. They look beautiful but a polka dot flower means your plant is about to die. Polka plants need a warm and humid environment to produce flowers. When polka flowers … Read more

What causes Brown Spots on African Violet leaves?

What causes brown spots on African violet leaves

African violets are widely grown beautiful houseplants. They have velvety shining green leaves and produce beautiful colorful flowers. But the problem is this pleasant flowering plant is prone to many general problems. Brown spots on African violet leaves is a common problem. There is a number of factors that trigger brown spots and crispy edges … Read more

How do you care for Bird of Paradise Plant?


Bird of paradise is a wildflower plant. It is naturally found in many parts of Latin America. Crane flower and Strelitzia are two commonly used names. The beauty of the bird of paradise plant is its crane-like flowers. Nowadays this plant is famous all over the world. It is the second most common houseplant in … Read more