How do you take care of a Yellow Oleander?

yellow oleander

Now, this is the perfect outdoor plant for covering the dull corners of your garden and backyard. It produces yellow color flowers. It blooms for many months and stays green for 365 days. Generally, it is a strong plant with an extraordinary immune system. But the problems come only in extremely cold winters. On these … Read more

How you can grow Orchids in Glass Containers?

orchids glass containers

If you do not like plastic-made Orchid pots and want an excellent alternative. The Glass Containers are the best option. Orchids in glass containers look exceptionally beautiful. There are many transparent plastic pots in the market. You can go for them if you cannot handle the glass material properly. Also, glass containers are costly but … Read more

Shameplant (mimosa pudica) care guide


Shameplant is popular all over the world. It is famous with many names including Mimosa pudica, touch me not, shrinking plant, etc. When you touch this plant, it immediately folds its leaves. Once you stop touching it, within a few minutes it will reopen its leaves. But this does not mean shame plant is a … Read more

How to care for teddy bear vine ?


Cyanotis Beddomei is also called the teddy bear vine plant due to its foliage color and shape. If you are looking for a short-height hanging basket plant. Then this plant is for you because it looks fabulous in hanging baskets and in small size plant pots. Again, like other plants, it also has some unique … Read more