Nowadays people don’t want to use medicines for insomnia. They like to use natural remedies for treating their sleep disorders. This is the reason doctors recommend medicinal cannabis strains for sleep problems.

Cannabis helps to stop the overthinking process of your brain, relax your muscles, reduce pain, and deliver its natural sleeping chemicals to your brain. That helps you to fall asleep easily in seconds and stay asleep.

In this post, you will learn about those Best cannabis strains for sleep disorders that are popular for their sedative effects. These are widely recommended to those having difficulties in falling asleep.

You can also use them to relax your body and mind after a long day of hard work.

STRAINS THAT HAVE HIGH THC LEVEL ARE BEST FOR SLEEP DISORDERS. If your body is comfortable with THC than you can enjoy these amazing strains without side effects like anxiety and fear.

Amount of THC in Cannabis Strains for Sleep 

Because the little dose is enough to float you to sleep. High dose of THC increases the anxiety and worsen the condition in many consumers. So, test it first in a little amount to know whether it is suitable for you or not. 90% of consumers below 60 years of age can use THC in low quantity without any issue for insomnia.

Edibles can help you to stay asleep longer. These products have corrected the balance of THC and CBD. Therefore, they do not give any side effects but the problem is edibles are always out of stock on marijuana dispensaries. Edibles for sleep give a refreshing and energetic feeling after waking up in the morning.

Choosing the right strain for yourself is your personal preference. But below are the most preferred strains that give a relaxing feeling. If you don’t know about the below-mentioned strains you should try them one by one and take notes which one you like and don’t like.

This way it will be easy for you to order the right strain next time you want to use cannabis for recreational purposes. Also, it will be easy for you to grow the right strain at home. We have a complete series of guides that help you to grow cannabis at home even without any gardening experience. We also teach beginners to grow other plants at home like flowers, herbs, etc.

Below are the Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep Problems


tahoe og kush

Type: THC-dominant

It gives a heavy effect than the hybrid OG Kush because it has more THC than any hybrid strain. Tahoe OG is not less than a miracle strain for many insomniacs. Use it in the form of smoking or vaporizing give instant effect and relax your muscles, give pleasant good night sleep for 7 to 8 hours. No side effects.


granddaddy purple

Type: High THC

This is my favorite but the sad part is it is not easy to buy it in the local market (you know what I mean). So, I have decided to grow it at home and now I have tones of it (so happy). This gives the most relaxing effect with happiness if you just consume it in limited quantity. Myrcene is the chemical compound that is responsible for its pleasing effects that reduce the pain, anxiety and stop the over-thinking process of the brain. This way your body and your brain both feel relaxed and you easily fall asleep. The next morning you wake up with full energy and happiness. Like god gives you a second chance to live life as you want. If you don’t want to use it in the day time to get relief from stress you can do so. It has no side effect even if you use it in high quantity.


gods gift weed

Type: High THC content

As the name is God’s gift it is really nature’s gift to all those that suffer from sleep disorders. If high stress prevents you from going into a deep sleep. Your brain does not stop thinking about unwanted situations. You feel the body is getting heavy and you can’t move. Then try this one you will be stress-free in less than a minute and you have complete control over your mind and body. Notes of berry and citrus when exhale, surely feel your mood lift as your body sinks.

ORGE Cannabis Strains for Sleep

ogre strains


The hybrid Ogre helps to fight insomnia with ease. It is a little high in THC so it perfect for those who only want to use cannabis for sleeping purposes and don’t like to enjoy the high effect before sleep. It acts the same as a sleeping medicine but does not give anxiety feeling at all. You need to use it in limited quantities. A high dose of it makes you asleep for more than 10 hours which is not good for your health. 7 to 8 hours of good night sleep is enough for humans.

9-pound hammer

9 pound hammer strain

Type: THC dominant

This is for those with really bad conditions of insomnia. It acts as a hammer on sleep disorders and crushes out all thoughts that come into your mind while you are on the bed for sleep. This insomnia crusher with fruity flavors of berry and grapes gives a pleasant feeling. Recommended for insomniac who is in the second and third stages of insomnia.  



TYPE: CBD- Dominant

This is for those who do not like the feeling high. Some consumers cannot handle THC, their body does not like THC and gives side effects. So, this remedy is specially developed for such people. If you too want to sleep easily without getting high this is the option for you. CBD dominant strains give a relaxing feeling, reduce pain and anxiety without high. Don’t push your body to handle high THC if your body gives side effects of THC strains.

Word of Caution: Please consult your doctor first before using any cannabis strains for sleep if you are unhealthy. Let’s say if you daily take some kind of medicines prescribed by the doctor then you have to consult the same doctor before using marijuana.

It has seen that sometimes marijuana reacts to other medicines. Healthy people can use marijuana but in limited quantities. Daily use of marijuana for healthy people is not good for their bodies and mind. Continuous use of marijuana for months can reduce your problem-solving skills.

I hope this guide helps you to choose the best strain for your mind and body.