Most of the growers are confused when it comes to growing cannabis from seeds vs clones. Each of these methods has pros and cons. Check the below comparison and find out which method is suitable for you to grow cannabis at home.

5 Most Common Cannabis Mistakes

Growing from Seeds


Buying seeds from a trusted source is a good option. In Canada, you can buy cannabis seeds from government-approved seed banks and medical marijuana nurseries. They sell top-quality seeds all over Canada. Or you can get some from your friends that like to grow high-quality cannabis at home. In short, seeds are good if they are coming from trusted sources so that you can have a healthy female cannabis plant.

You can get cannabis seeds in all parts of the country. All you need to do is register on seeds banks websites and order them online.
If you order all-female seeds from seed banks and they will send 100% female seeds at your given location. This way you don’t have to worry about the male marijuana seeds. Because only female marijuana plants produce buds.

If you buy seeds from a friend or so you cannot judge their quality. Also, you can’t be sure that all seeds are female seeds.

To produce your cannabis seeds You should grow male and female marijuana plants and by mating two of them, you can have many good seeds. This makes you able to grow many cannabis plants from seeds at once.

Unfortunately, You cannot get more than the recommended amount of marijuana seeds from seeds banks.
Those you buy from trusted seeds banks are clean and safe to grow. In short, they do not have any disease and are less prone to cannabis diseases.


Only half of these seeds will germinate

Dead and old seeds will not grow at all and improperly stored seeds show slow growth and low yield.

Buying seeds from an unauthorized person will result in fake seeds or half of your plants will be male cannabis plants.

Seeds take more time to grow as compared to the clones. You need to germinate the seeds whereas clones are ready to plant in the final containers.

If you buy seeds for every time you grow cannabis this will increase the production cost and it is a totally ineffective way of cannabis gardening at home level.

Growing from seeds is easy for new growers because handling clones is a little difficult. This way beginners can get a good experience of growing plants from seeds.

Sometimes you get perfect quality seeds from online websites to grow marijuana at a low cost. But the problem with these seeds is you cannot expect that you will get stable strain with bigger buds or not. Bag seed quality is often different from the bud it comes from and this is the big drawback of growing from seeds.

Another drawback of growing with seeds is you cannot judge the female cannabis seeds and male seeds. You have to grow all of them and then you can identify how many males and female cannabis plants you have in your garden.
Do not buy small size white color seeds they will not germinate at all because they are immature seeds. Look for the dark brown or light grey seeds to grow marijuana.

If you have extra healthy seeds store them in a cool and dry place. The best place to store them is in a fridge. But make sure they don’t get freeze.
You can save your seeds for years if you store them in a cool and dark place. Well, stores seeds do not lose their quality but they take little longer to germinate. Seeds go in hibernation when they get stored for the 6 months.



If you buy a female clone you will get a female clone.

Clones are matured small plants you can place them directly in your growing container. Clones grow more quickly than seed plants and you can harvest them in a short time because you skip the germination process.

If the plant grown from a clone is a perfectly healthy plant than you can make more clones of it and have dozens of identical plants.
Clones are always identical to their mother plant. So, you have the same quality of marijuana each time you grow weed plant from a clone.


Well, it is very hard for new growers to find good quality clones. If you don’t know any cannabis grower in your area, you cannot get a clone and you have to start cannabis gardening from seeds.

If the mother plant has some issues than clones of the same mother plant will surely have the same problems.

If the grower has done cloning incorrectly than it takes time and extra care to grow plants from such clones.

If You know any person growing marijuana at home and is a successful cannabis grower. You can ask for a good clone otherwise seeds are the only option. Or you can find clones in your local medical marijuana nursery but they will only allow you to buy clones if you are allowed to use medical marijuana by a doctor.

Starting from clones will save your germination time and your cannabis will get mature early. The best part of the clone is they guarantee their genetics, which means if a clone is made from the female plant it will be a female clone.

Once you have a good female plant, you can make many clones of it to grow as many plants as you want. You do not need to start the second batch of marijuana from seeds.

For the first 2 to 3 days you need to handle your clone carefully. Give it gentle light and keep it in a moist environment to speed up the development of roots. It is best to use a humidity dome for the cannabis clones to help them in developing a strong rooting system.

Once your clone has some roots it’s time to transfer it to its original place where it stays for the rest of life. Remember you need to give your clone a few hours of light and high diluted nutritional water in the first few days.

Save your clone plant from high bright light and excess of heat. New clones are sensitive and they need time to get settled in the new growing environment.
You should check your clones several times in the first 48 hours to ensure they are safe don’t show any sign of tipping over.

Once your clones show healthy sing of growth, you should put your grow light close to it and start feeding it with full strength nutrients.