Most people like to use vaporizers for consuming cannabis because they believe that infusion is the tuff part of cooking with cannabis. Today I will show you how to make cannabis cooking oil at home in easy steps.

Cannabis-infused eating gives you a different experience than inhaling it by using various methods. I am sure if you try cannabis edibles ones in your life you will stop smoking it from that day. Because edibles give longer and stronger effects.

That is why I always advise starting from low dose and see how the body reacts to edibles.

If everything goes fine no need to inhale it anymore. Now you have a better option (no smell, no lighter, no rolling paper)

Edibles take time to give desired results where smoking cannabis gives instant effect but only for a short time. And we want the long-lasting good feeling that is only possible by ingesting cannabis

The best way to start cannabis eating is by making cannabis cooking oil at home and make homemade cannabis-infused foods. You can use this oil to bake cookies, frying your eggs. You can also put it on your salad as a salad dressing.

In-home cooking you have complete control over your edibles. If you like to use coconut oil for cooking, make cannabis-infused coconut oil at home.

The best recipe for making Home cannabis cooking oil

The ingredients that you’ll need:

 1 Cup of Cannabis flowers

1 Cup of oil (Your Choice)

The golden rule says you should use an equal amount of cannabis and your favorite oil to make cannabis oil.

How to choose the right base oil?

The choice of base oil is depending on the dishes you want to make with cannabis cooking oil. Let’s say you want to use it for baking different things. For this, you need a base oil that has a good flavor and can go easy for multiple recipes.

Every oil reacts differently to room temperature. Some oil became like wax or hard at a normal temperature like coconut oil and whereas sunflower oil remains in its liquid form even in a refrigerator. You also need to consider your way of storing cannabis cooking oil while choosing base oil.

For example, if you like to use your canna oil for stir-frying as well as pie crust, you need to go for coconut oil. Because it adds natural aroma to cooked food and also it will hold the pie crust as it remains solid at room temperature. You cannot use olive oil for this purpose

For only frying canola oil is the best option it remains in its liquid form even in the winter season.

For health-conscious people that only consume olive oil or avocado oil. They can infuse cannabis in their oils. Any oil can be used as a base oil for making cannabis cooking oil at home.

What you will need to start?

A Strainer or Cheesecloth

Grinder for grinding cannabis flowers

Slow cooker or saucepan if don’t have Double boiler

Steps by Step Process

Grind Your Cannabis: The first step of making canna oil is to Grind the cannabis flowers. If you want you can also grind the entire plant. Most people use cannabis flowers only but those don’t have flowers in enough quantity can use plant itself along with flowers.

While grinding just make sure you don’t make a fine powder of cannabis. Because your strainer cannot filter these tiny powdered particles and your finished product will contain some grinding impurities.

In the second step, Mix the oil and grind cannabis in a double cooker, saucepan, slow cooker, etc. Put it on the stove for few hours on low to medium heat. It is good to add a small amount of water at this stage to prevent oil from burning. This will allow the decarboxylation to take place without losing the flavor and aroma.

High flame can burn your oil and also speed up the decarboxylation process but the problem is you will lose the flavor and aroma of the oil.

The important part is, keep the temperature of the oil under 245 Degrees F for the best results.

How long you need to cook Cannabis Cooking Oil?

Those using a slow cooker should allow the oil on the heat for 5 to 6 hours, don’t forget to stir it occasionally.

In a double boiler, you should cook it for 8 hours to get the best results. Stirring occasionally is necessary to avoid oil burn.

If you do not have enough time to use a saucepan to cook it because with saucepan you can cook it only for 3 hours on low flame.

Strain & Storing Oil

This is the final step and you need to be careful while straining it. To avoid unwanted particles entering your oil place the cheesecloth over the Strainer to filter the oil out of the mixture. You can store your oil at room temperature for at least 60 days. To increase the shelf life of it, refrigeration is the only option in your kitchen.

How to control odor while making cannabis cooking oil?

You cannot control 100% of the smell that produces during the making of oil. But you can surely control it up to great extent. In the first 1 to 2 hours, the stem produces while making the oil will not contain the strong odor of cannabis. But it contains stronger smell particles slowly. To reduce it use kitchen tools with rubber seal or lid.

Like pressure cooker and other utensils with lid closing. Here you need to lift the lid and stir the material when it is required.

This can reduce the cannabis odor in your kitchen.

Or you can spray some good quality perfumes (no too much).

How to cook with the Canna oil that you make in your kitchen?

To cook delicious and enjoyable meals you should try a little amount of oil and make a small amount of meal to check how it works. Some times we put more high potent cannabis and the oil made from it also contains a high THC amount.

Do not scorch the oil when you make different meals with homemade cannabis cooking oil. Scorching can spoil your hard work and you get meals with cannabis flavor but not with cannabis effects.

First of all, try the cooking recipes that you know better and if everything goes well than explore the kitchen world and try new recipes. Search on Google or on YouTube to know about more delicious recipes that you can try with cannabis cooking oil.