This is an introductory article for new cannabis users. In this post, you will about the basic information about cannabis and its uses.

Read below to know what is cannabis and what is it uses and who can use it.

What is Cannabis and its Uses?

The cannabis plant is well known for its recreational and medicinal properties all over the globe. It is in use from ancient times. Our researches have evidence that shows, our ancestors use this miracle plant to control the mind and body. In some parts of the world, cannabis is related to spiritual activities. In countries like Canada, it is used for therapeutic purposes. Canadian government legalizes the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. You need a license or prescription to use marijuana for personal. You can also grow it at home after getting permission from authorities. Canadian authorities do not allow you to share your marijuana or grow with anybody.

Smoking medicinal marijuana at home to get rid of pain and stress is a form of therapy that individuals do daily.

Today the market is flooded with the thousand types of cannabis strains. Below in this post, we will talk about how you can use cannabis, why it has so many forms (strains).

Main Uses of Cannabis

Mainly the cannabis plant is used for two reasons one is recreational and the second is medical. Recreational means people use cannabis to get relief from daily stress, to enjoy a bit in hard-working life, to forget all the difficulties of life for some time or to stimulate their senses.

Whereas medical use of marijuana includes controlling the nerve pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. All these conditions cannot be cured by the use of marijuana but they can be controlled by it. 

The plant contains 113 active chemical compounds that are useful in various medical problems. CBD and THC are the two most well-known substances that are widely used by humans. Although there are many other chemical compounds found in the plant that are useful for humans. Due to the lack of scientific studies, I cannot mention them here.

Nowadays hemp is permitted to cultivate at the commercial level. You need to get a license from the local authorities to grow hemp on agricultural land. Hemp fibers are used to make ropes, clothing, building material, etc. Seeds are also a good source of protein, essential amino acids, and other important minerals. At last, the by-products of cannabis are also used to make cannabis-infused oils, butter, and other consumable products.

Know your cannabis better

Cannabis is an annual flowering plant if grown outside but you can grow cannabis at any time of the year in indoor cannabis gardening. With the help of some indoor gardening equipment, you can have your cannabis plant with your year around.

For indoor cannabis gardening, you need to have Good Grow light, Grow Tent, Cannabis Nutrients, etc.

Cannabis can be a male or female plant this means the male plants must pollinate female cannabis to produce seeds.

Those female plants do not get pollinated by the male plant produce buds instead of seeds. Further, these buds are used to smoke or make oil from them to cook vegetables in cannabis oil. These buds have a Good amount of THC that gives a high feeling.

Some of the cannabis buds are high in CBD but every bud contains THC content.

If you do not like the feeling of high then use HEMP.

Hemp is another form of cannabis this type of cannabis is grown for its seeds and fiber. Even this plant has a mild form of CBD that is mostly used in cosmetic products, face oil, etc.

What is cannabis strain?

Cannabis is native of countries in Central Asia. But due to globalization, these miracle plants reach almost every continent in the world. Some countries allow it to grow at home while others call it illegal drugs and do not allow citizens to use and grow cannabis in any form.

Cannabis found in west Asia is different in some properties than the cannabis grown in central Asia. Most of them are collected from their native region and brought to western countries. Where they cross-breed these plants and develop more high-quality hybrid plants. This process of cross-breeding different male plants with different female plants gives us more than one thousand varieties of cannabis. These varieties are called cannabis strains.

You may have heard of three popular strains of cannabis that are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These are the most widely used strains in Europe and the American continent. Whereas in Asian countries different types of cannabis strains are grown in the mountains.

Indica gives a sedating effect, Sativa promotes energy and hybrid strains give a balanced effect of Indica and Sativa. Many types of researches are continuous in different parts of the world to know every medicinal and recreational property of this ancient plant.

In Ancient times it is also known as a pain killer.  Nowadays we have better pain killers than marijuana.

If you want to use marijuana please consult your doctor first. Because marijuana gives side effects if consumed in any form with other medications. Everyone has some kind of stress in life but this does not mean everyone should use marijuana. Little stress is good for us to get motivated.

At last, I want to say if you never use marijuana in your life and you are a healthy person please do not try it because you do not need it.

When healthy people use marijuana daily for months this put a negative effect on this mind. This reduces their problem-solving skills.