If you are looking for the best replacement for your HPS grow light then Bestva LED grow light 1200 watts, Bestva 2000 watts, and Bestva 3000 watts are excellent options. Today we will review these three lights in this post.

In this article, we will cover all the positives and negatives of them with the other essential information that you need to know before buying. For other LED grow lights visit our home page and find suitable powerful lights with a guarantee for your garden.

Let’s get started:

The reason behind the success of Bestva LED Grow lights is their high quality, low price, and Friendly customer service.

Before getting deep into the light let’s take look on the manufacturer and its reputation. Always check about the manufacturer before selecting anything (make it a habit in your daily life). There are many products in the market which are locally made but advertise as an international brands. Local products are way cheaper than branded products so do not waste your hard-earned money on useless devices.

Who is the manufacturer of BESTVA LED Grow lights?

Bestva is a Chinese company whose parent company is Shenzhen King Lighting Co. They have the biggest (in acres) manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China.

Don’t let a Chinese brand concern for you. It has hundreds of positive feedbacks on Worlds largest online selling site Amazon. They sell their grow lights in almost all parts of the world where people use indoor growing technology. In addition, they have a quality control team which ensure the premium quality of each product. All production units are monitored by the production control unit.

They test each and every light before shipping it out in the market. This is the reason for its popularity.

Bestva makes an excellent reputation by supplying many high-tech grow light like double chip LEDs, COB grow lights, Reflector series, and Smart series for home growers.

They start selling their products in the international market form 2011. Now you can imagine their level of experience in the field.

Bestva 1500 watt LED grow light.

The Bestva 100w has a life span of more than 100,000 hours means you can get the high intensity of the full spectrum of light for 8 to 9 years which is more than enough. Where other LEDs go dim with the passing time Bestva Light maintain their intensity and sharpness of the light for 8 to 9 years.

The outer case and internal components decide the roughness and quality of light. Bestva uses top-quality plastic to make an outer cover and high-tech material for making internal components. Their light can tolerate a very high amount of heat whereas other LEDs fail to do so.

The Bestva uses 10W dual chip LEDs whereas other manufacturers use only 3w and 5w diodes to make their 1500-watt grow lights. 10w LED diodes are more powerful than 3 and 5 watts moreover 10w emits very bright light which mimics the sunlight. Plants cannot make difference between sunlight and artificial grow light.

This is not a waterproof light so keep it away from the wet places. It has a weight of around 7 pounds.


The light spectrum is the part where you need to pay more attention at the time of purchasing a grow light. The excellent thing about LEDs which we like the most is their capability of emitting a full spectrum of light. If light emits the full spectrum of light then this means you do not need any other light for the different stages of growth. Full spectrum means it has all the light colors and wavelengths which are required for a plant to grow healthy and produce a high yield.

The light uses 100 LEDs of 10 watts each. These dual-chip LEDs generate a high intensity of light by consuming lesser energy. They are more efficient due to their increased brightness of light as compared to the rivals.

We have reviewed many grow lights and found only a few lights are a truly full spectrum of light and this is one of them. With this light, you will get a high amount of Red and Blue light with UV and IR light wavelengths. No need to buy any other light for plant growth. This light is enough for all the growth stages.

The presence of UV and IR diodes protects your plant from many diseases. It is advised not to look directly into the running light. always use sunglasses while working under the running grow light.

The color spectrum range between 380nm to 780 nm with the white and cool spectrum of 7000K and 3500K respectively.

Experts advise handling the light at an angle of 120 degrees this increases the penetration of light into the plant. More penetration of light improves the process of photosynthesis. You can compare the spectrum of this 1500 Watt grow light with any other light of the same wattage you will be surprised by its capabilities.

A uniform source of light is essential for plant growth at all stages and in this case, Bestva 1200 Watt grow light is an excellent choice.


LEDs give a nice coverage area. This grow light coverage the growing space of 2×2. If you are using a grow tent for growing plants then use this light it is perfect for a grow tent. normally LEDs do not produce much heat but you have to install a ventilation system with this light as it emits high intensity of light. A grow tent is enclosed box which do not allow light to pass out so this increases the heat inside it. To protect your plants, form an excess of heat use duct fans.

Energy Consumption:

It is a 1500 Watt light so it will consume more energy if you think like this then let me remind you this a LED light. 1200 Watts is the output of light, it only eats 390 watts of electrical energy.

All LED grow lights highly energy efficient light. They consume lesser power and emit high wattage of power.  Replace your old-fashioned HPS grow light with this LED technology and enjoy the high-class light.

Many people shit towards LED lighting technology because LEDs are more powerful, energy-efficient, and emit less heat than other forms of lighting technologies.


Bestva gives 3 years of warranty of their light with 30 days money back guarantee.


1xBestva Reflector series 1200W LED grow light

1x safety glasses

1x hanging hooks

6 ft. power cord

1 warranty/ guarantee card

2000 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Here is the good news, change your 1400W HPS grow light system with this new advanced Bestva 2000 Watt LED grow light.

QUALITY: Again, it also has a life span of 100,000 hours. You can use it without any issues for more than 6 years. The Bridgelux 10w LEDs are used to manufacture each light. The benefit of using bridgelux LEDs is they are made with high-tech material. Many top-selling grow lights are based on these LEDs. The double chip technique ensures the high durability of the lights.

The outer case is made with top-quality plastic. The internal components are made by using different metals. The wiring inside the light plays an important role in the durability of light. Because when the current passes through them they get heated and it increases the risk of short circuit. When advanced copper wiring is used it gives extra safety.

The manufacturer claims that this product covers a total area of 4×4 feet but in our test, we use it in 5×5 feet grow tent. This is a high-power light so do not use it in an open grow area. if you want to grow healthy plants and want more production per year then use it in a grow tent.

The light it emits goes straight deep inside the plant cells present on their leaves. Then it gets transfer to all parts of it. This ensures that all parts of the plant will get a sufficient amount of nutrients to grow strong.


It emits a full spectrum of light with a high amount of brightness. UV and IR diodes look dim as they are not working but for the safety of growers, they use low-intensity UV, IR diodes. Full spectrum lights are those light that mimics the sunlight. Our sun is the only natural source of a full spectrum of light it emits all light wavelengths.

The LED lighting is the only lighting technology that emits light similar to the sun. The balanced form of the Red and Blue spectrum helps to grow healthy plants.

All 10 watts high-intensity double chip diodes give extra bright light which is best for plants. Do not buy cheap light to save a few bucks they do not emit a full spectrum of light. The single full spectrum of light is enough for all growth stages of plants. It does not matter which type of fruit, vegetable or herb you are growing just give them full spectrum and have a higher yield.

These lights make it easy to grow any crop at any time of the year all you need to do is grow them in a grow tent. when we grow them in a tent, we are providing them a favorable environment. This 2000 watt led light is made to be used in a grow tent and also in an open grow space. But we advise you to grow them in a grow tent to take the maximum out of your investment (LED light).


This light is energy efficient as compared to its rivals. This light only draws 390 watts of power and emits 2000 watts of bright light. One of our readers purchased this light to replace his 1400 watt HPS grow light. He said the results are amazing, he saw a sudden boost in the plant health. The most interesting factor is Bestva 2000 Watts LED light reduces his electrical bill up to 70%. Actually, he is using the single light in his grow tent with an inline duct fan.


It gives nice coverage, in total it covers 5×5 feet grow area but the brand claims that it covers 4×4 feet at the height of 24 inches.  You can hang it on the 27 inches to increase the coverage only if using in a grow tent. Do not put it close to plants otherwise, your plants will get burn due to the extra bright light.

Do not use it in a small tent less than 5×5 feet.


1X bestva 2000W LED Grow Light DC series

Safety Glasses

Hanging hooks and belts

Power cord (6feet)

Warranty card

3000 Watt Grow Light

This one is the boss of HPS lights. If you have a 2000 watt HPS light in your then you should buy this light to replace your high power consuming light. 2000 watt HPS grow light consumes 2000 watts of electrical energy but in this case, the light consumes only 615 watts of it. LED lights are energy efficient this is why today every home gardener has at two or more LED lights in his/her indoor garden.

Bestva 3000w LED grow light has all 10 watt LEDs in it.


Give your plants a full spectrum of light with Bestva LED grow lights. plants love to grow in quality grow light. This unit also has a powerful cooling system because it is a high-power light so it produces some amount of heat. It is necessary to deal with the excess of heat energy. Plants do need a little hot environment like when they grow out in sunlight. But a high amount of heat kills them in minutes.

Bestva design this light by keeping mind about the heat. They give high-speed cooling fans (quite-operation). Also, you will find some tiny holes on the aluminum panel and the glass of the light. They do this to reduce the temperature of light while running.


The good news is it covers a growing area of 7.8 feet X 7.5 Feet when hanging at a height of 24 inches. 300 pcs of Bridgelux / Epileds LEDs make it the best performer in the market. As usual, it also has a life span of 100,000 hours. You will not find any LED grow light which has more life span. 100,000 hours means you can run it for 8 years without any issue.

At the height of 27 inches, it covers the 9×9 feet area do not go beyond the coverage of 9×9 feet.


It only consumes 615 watts of energy. No extra ballast is needed for the operation. It has everything on its motherboard. Small LEDs are solder in it and they receive the current through their circuit board.

For your convenience, you can add a timer with the light to control it.


The manufacturer gives 30 days of money back guarantee and 3 years of warranty on the light. If you find any defect or your light or cooling fan stops working due o the manufacturing defect then send it back to the seller they will fix it free for you.


Bestva 3000w grow light

6 feet power cord

Hanging kits


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