If you have a busy schedule and often forget to give water to your plants. Then you must try self watering planters.

They are easy to use and maintain. You can grow all types of small to medium size plants in self watering pots.

All you need to do is just fill the water tank of the planter once a month. Whenever your plants need water the planter automatically sends water to their roots.

With the help of this advanced watering system, it is easy to grow multiple plants at once.

Moreover, these pots are of two types for indoor use and outdoor use. They come in many attractive shapes and styles.

Some brands only sell luxury auto watering planters. These planters are a little costly. But they look extraordinary due to their sleek design and modern style.

In this post, I will cover less expensive, highly durable, and most beautiful self watering planters.

Below is the complete guide on how to use them?

What is a self-watering planter?

A self-watering planter is a system designed to reduce the watering stress of growers.

The benefit of these planters is you don’t need to water your plants every day or every week.

These planters have inbuilt water storing tanks. You need to fill this tank to the top level and your plants will automatically get water.

The self-watering pots are based on capillary or wicking system technology. Water absorbing material attaches the potting soil to the water.

Whenever plant roots need water. They absorb it from the water tank through this water-absorbing material.

It can be a superior piece of cloth, capillary mat, etc.

Most the self-watering systems consist of the following equipment:

  • Water Reservoir
  • Planting Container
  • Wicking Mechanism
  • Capillary Mat
  • Overflow Protection
  • Water level indicator

1. Lechuza 13210 Classico  8 – 16 Inches Auto Pot

What do buyers say? 85% of 1811+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Product Description:

Lechuza Classico is perfect for tables and patios. Highly durable, frost, and UV-resistant Polypropylene plastic are used.

Where most of the planters are China-made. This one is made in Germany.

The manufacturer also gives Smart substrate to make better contact between water and potting soil.

PON substrate has a balanced pH and it will not affect the pH of the potting soil.

The good news is you can use it as an indoor and outdoor planter. Company fitted drainage plug is given to drain excess rainwater.

Once you fill the water reservoir with water then you need to keep eye on the water indicator tube. It will tell you when it is time to refill the planter.

This auto pot is perfect for annuals, blooming plants, and foliage.


Frost and UV resistant

Smart PON substrate

For Patio and Small tables

Excellent Design

Good for people with allergies

Inhibits mold growth

Best suited for all plants


Slightly Over Priced

2. Santino ASTI 12.6 Inch Self Watering Planter

What do buyers say? 85% of 2420+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Product Description:

If Lechuza and Algreen planters are costly for you and you are looking for alternatives. Then this Santino 12.6 inches auto pot is the best option.

It is made up of UV-resistant highly durable plastic. With one look it looks like a ceramic pot.

With this planter, you can easily grow Herbs, Dahlias, and African violets. Fast-growing herbs need more water than normal growing plants.

But with this planter, you only need to water your plants once in 2 weeks.



Pro-level Beautiful Design

UV resistant

Separate aeration hole

Easy to Clean

Easy water level control

Best for those who are busy


Quality could be better

Need to Lift the inner pot to fill the water reservoir

3. Deco Pots Pack of 3 10.6 inches

What do buyers say? 2300+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.5 stars.

Product Description:

If you are looking for auto pots for your office decoration. Then you must go for these Deco flower pots.

These are specially designed for workplaces, hotels, and malls.

The BPA FREE plastic material protects the water from insects and it never goes bad for months.

Do not use soil as a growing medium, instead, you should use different peat mixtures. Before planting your plant add a 1-inch layer of perlite to the inner pot.

This will act as water transporting medium between soil and the water chamber.

Then place your plant in it and fill the pot with the growing mix. Then water the soil.


BPA FREE Plastic

Durable planter at a cheap price

Water doesn’t Stagnate

NO leaks When Watering

Modern Unique Design

Lightweight, Easy to move


Some Users don’t like the logo

Manual Drainage

4. D’vine Dev 10 Inches Round Planter

What do buyers say? 92% of 3834+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

Product Description:

This planter is made up of ceramic material and comes with a saucer and drainage hole + drainage net and a protective scratchpad.

The glazed outsides give it a premium look and protect the planter from harsh sun rays.

The saucer is not attached to the planter. But when placed underneath it looks attached and this gives it really modern and clean look.

You must place the stainless-steel mesh net over the drainage hole before use. This will prevent the leakage of dirt into the saucer.

The best thing is the manufacturer also gives planter filler with this deal. You should add the filler at the bottom so that the potting soil remains high.

Fillers will also increase air circulation and this ensures the healthy plant roots.


Easy replacement or refund in case of damage or issues

100% Premium Ceramic

Cylinder Shape

Separate Ceramic tray

2.6 gallons capacity

Felt Pad for Scratch protection

7 colors available

Planter filler provided



5. T4U 9.5-Inch Deep Reservoir Planter – Set of 4

What do buyers say? 91% of 888+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.6 stars or above.

Product Description:

With T4U pots you are free to grow indoor or outdoor plants. The combination of clever self-watering technology and elegant design makes it a perfect piece of decoration to display plants.

It is easy to fill the reservoir through the side holes. There is a single drainage hole and it is enough to save your plant in heavy rainfall and from overwatering.

You can use it as a hanger plant pot because it has two watering options Top and Bottom.

It has more width than the height and this makes it an excellent planter for shallow root plants like pothos and pilea.


Reliable Quality

Convenient Irrigation System

Passive Hydroponic technology

Use as a Hanging pot

Leak and spillproof

Pots are Thick and Sturdy

Perfect for herbs, succulents, and tropicals


Limited Color Options

6. Vanavazon 6 Inches Indoor Pots (3)

What do buyers say? 91% of 1051+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.2 stars or above.

Product Description:

If you are looking for stylish self-watering table tops then your search ends here. This is the set of 3 auto watering table tops with a clear water reservoir.

It is based on wicking technology and two white cotton ropes are there to transport water to plant roots.

You can freely use these pots in any part of your home. Because the planter material is non-poisonous, formaldehyde-free, and heat and cold resistant.

Many people do not use plastic pots because they are concerned about indoor pollution. Because the cheap plastic releases formaldehyde.

But these 3 planters from Vanavazon do not release harmful chemicals into the home air. The manufacturer called these African Violet pots.

But you can grow any small to medium height plant. The double-layer design ensures the long life, high strength, and high tenacity.


Transparent Water Storage

Non-Poisonous Material

Formaldehyde-Free Pots

Sturdy and Sleek looking

Easy to Assemble

Cotton Ropes for Excellent results


Only two color options

7. Fengzhitao Clear Plastic Automatic Watering Pots

What do buyers say? 86% of 1135+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.1 stars or above.

Product Description:

This is the set of 3 medium size pots. But the water chamber can store enough water for a minimum of 10 days.

These auto pots look glossy and smooth and add extraordinary style to your home. Use them as a tabletop or side planters.

A non-toxic clear pp resin material is used to ensure high quality and strength. These pots are not easy to break.

I have one planter on my computer table and two in my kitchen.

The clear transparent water reservoir makes it easy to keep eye on the water level. Also, the dedicated water injection port is given to fill the water in the water chamber.

Cotton string is used as a transport medium between water and potting medium.


Simple Setup Instructions

Excellent planter for herbs

Sturdy hard plastic is used to make the outer shell

Crystal clear bottom water tank

Soft plastic inner pot

Dedicated refill port

Easily hold top-heavy plants


The transparent surface easily gets dirt

Not for medium size plants

8. Glowpear 29.5 Inches Urban Garden Planter

What do buyers say? 85% of 288+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.0 stars or above.

Product Description:

The Glowpear urban garden planter is designed to grow a wide range of herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

Its durable construction and latest style make it suitable for modern home gardens. It is a perfect self-watering planter for balconies, decks, and patios.

The planter gives new improvements to your home style.

The Best part is,

There is no other competitor in the market that is selling the same type of planters for both indoor and outdoor use at a reasonable price.

You will not need to worry about watering your plants with this pot. The in-built self-watering system will take care of everything.

The reservoir holds plenty of water which supplies the moisture continuously to the plant roots for many days.

The good thing is you can attach multiple glow pear planters to make a chain of them.

Connect the reservoirs together and let them share the stored water.

This way you can build an auto planter garden. You can convert it into a self-operating ecosystem by just adding two things to the system.

One LED light and a timer are required and you will have an auto ecosystem at home (compact size).

It looks so beautiful with a green color reservoir. The total weight of the item is less than 7 kg with an empty water reservoir.


Urban BPA free Design

Top Recyclable Material

Holds plenty of water

Easy to assemble


High Price

Not for Beginners

9. Lechuza Cubico Tall  Planters

What do buyers say? 90% of 2296+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.4 stars or above.

Product Description:

If you like tall planters then this tall planter is for you. It is available in different sizes from 16 to 30 inches tall.

The outer plastic is made with high-quality material which makes it UV resistant. So that you can use it indoors and outdoors.

The color of the planter will not fade even if you put it in direct sunlight.

It also has a drainage plug to protect your plant from extra rainwater. The water indicator tells you when you need to fill the reservoir.

Lechuza Cubico tall planters come in different shapes.

Follow the instructions written in the summary book while potting the plant.

This system is better than others because it uses very unique methods of transferring water to plant roots. Whereas in other systems, a water pad is used to transfer the moisture to plant roots.

Lechuza Cubico acts like a small hydroponic system. It gives the space for roots to grow big so that they can touch the water in the reservoir.

Plants show better growth in such planters where the roots have direct contact with water and other nutrients.

For a complete nutritional plant, food mixes the liquid nutrients in the water.

Lechuza pots are the favorite planters of many home growers. This is the reason it got 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Read the customer reviews on Amazon before selecting it. You will be surprised to know about its uses and qualities.


Trusted Brand

Vertical Design

4 raiser pads

German Made Planter

For Indoor and Outdoor

UV resistant

PP plastic

Drainage plug

Elegant, Beautiful Design, Functional, Versatile in application



10. Terracotta Automatic watering pots

What do buyers say? 88% of 109+ Global Amazon reviewers rated this product 4.0 stars or above.

Product Description:

This is a unique combination of handcrafted terracotta pots and glass reservoirs. This self watering system is unique in itself.

There is no hole in the pot because the terracotta pots are made up of porous material. These pots absorb the water from the glass reservoir without any holes.

Then the potting soil absorbs the moisture from the pot walls.

Plant your favorite plant in this pot and fill the glass reservoir with water to its half. Then place the pot in it.

Your plant will absorb the required amount of moisture automatically.

This is a value for money deal because no other brand is offering such a deal at this time.

Using this auto pot system is simple and easy.


Unique auto pot system

Terracotta pots with glass reservoir

Breakage free packaging guaranteed by the manufacturer

Excellent customer support

Most beautiful design

Best of herbs and violets


Not for water-loving plants

How do self watering pots work?

All self watering pots work on a capillary action system. In every planter there is a water storage chamber at the bottom part.

A wick is used to attach this water reservoir to the potting soil above. It can be a mat, absorbent cloth or tube, or any thick piece of cloth.

Whenever plant roots need water, the wick sucks the water from the reservoir and transports it to the potting soil.

Some of the old school self watering systems still work on evaporation technique. The water comes in contact with hot air and starts evaporating.

The water vapors flow upwards and the soil gets moisture.

This technique is useless in front of wicking systems.

Remember that self watering systems only work when you fill the water reservoir with an adequate amount of freshwater.

How to use self watering pots?

In order to use self-watering pots, you need to read the instructions carefully and assemble them accordingly.

Most of the brands send their specially made potting soil that works like a miracle in their planters. If your planter manufacturer does not send a separate potting mix.

Then you can use any good high quality well-draining potting mix. There is no difference between the general potting mix and the planter potting mix.

Sending potting soil with planters is the marketing strategy of companies.

Add potting mix to the pot. But before that spray some water on the mix. It is necessary to add moistened soil mix to the pot. Dry soil will not work.

Now place your plant in the planter and firm the soil.

Add water to the water chamber and you are done.

Once a week check the water level indicator. If the water level is below the mark, then add fresh water to the chamber.

Note: In case you forget to refill the water chamber and it gets dry out. Then before adding water to the chamber make sure the potting soil is well moistened.

If the soil is dry then water the potting mix first and then add water to the water reservoir.

Benefits of Using Self-Watering Planters

Outdoor plants are easy to grow and require less maintenance than indoor plants. It is our responsibility to give them sufficient water, sunshine, and fresh air to grow healthy.

The most difficult part of indoor gardening is watering the plants on time.

Many people forget to water their plants and they die due to dehydration.

Self watering pots reduce the number of watering applications per plant. In the summer season where you need to water your plants almost every day.

Plants growing in auto watering planters need one watering session per week. Because there is already enough water in the water chamber.

You just need to maintain the water level to the optimum. Your plants will always have enough moisture in the potting soil.

They get enough sunshine when you put them near windows or grow them on your balcony. The problem occurs when some plants required more frequent water than others.

The good news is some auto watering pots reduce the watering session to just one in 30 days.

No More Overwatering

These planters also reduce the risk of overwatering. 90% of the house plants die due to root rot and leaf fungus.

Both these diseases result from overwatering.

But by using auto pots you don’t have to worry about overwatering again.

You can also use these pots outdoors, do not worry about the rainwater. These planters have drainage holes at the bottom which automatically drain the excess water.

Some manufacturer gives a manual drainage button to empty the planter completely.

Fewer Diseases

Plants that need a heavy amount of moisture for 365 days are prone to fungal diseases. When you water plants from the top this increases the leaf fungal disease.

The water in the planters is in an enclosed chamber and the direct sunlight cannot touch the water. This prevents the build-up of algae. This is another benefit of auto pots.

The water stays clean and fresh in the chamber. This reduces the disease that develops due to unhygienic water.

Excellent Use of Water

In normal pots, the water gets evaporated into the air and this is called water loss. But in auto pots due to the enclosed water chamber.

The water is directly available to plant roots instead of evaporation.

What is the best soil for Auto watering pots?

You should use the best growing medium for your planters. Keep in mind, that the potting mix should be lightweight and drains easily.

Because the normal soil becomes heavy after watering. It can be a deadly growing medium for container growing plants.

Moreover, tightly packed and waterlogged soil is not recommended for these planters.

Loose soil will reduce the risk of root rot and overwatering diseases.

I prefer peat moss and perlite for growing plants in auto pots. But if you like to use your garden soil then please add some peat moss into it to maintain the balance.

You can also use perlite.

By adding perlite, the soil becomes loose and this reduces the pressure on the plant roots.

What Size of Auto Pots is best to use?

Now, this is the crucial part because picking up the right size planter for your house is important. This will ensure the supply of the perfect amount of moisture to the plant.

The self-watering mechanism will not work if you put small plants in large planters.

To get the best out of the planter the roots of the plant must grow to the level of the moisture transfer pad.

This pad connects the water reservoir with the potting medium.

Small plants have small roots that do not grow to the level of the water pad in large planters.

Placing large plants into a small planter is also not recommended. Large plants have large roots so they need some more space to expand.

In smaller pots, roots will be concentrated in a smaller area which restricts the water supply to them.

Remember one thing the self-watering planters will not work in the initial stage and you have to water your plant from the above.

Because they start working when the roots grow enough and touch the water transfer pad or the wick.

Self planters are useful to keep the house plants healthy. But they are not the 100% solution. There are many other things that affect the plant’s health and life cycle.

Protect your plants from diseases, insect attacks, and your pets.


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