Your indoor plants don’t grow well and show weak growth even if you are feeding them expensive nutrients.

Then the problem is they are not receiving the right amount of light. Use The best light meter to measure which part of the plant is getting more or less amount of light. A plant Light meter is the most important tool for indoor growers.

An inaccurate amount of light can damage the plant or result in improper growth.

Light is food for a plant they use it to live and grow.

The big problem that new growers face with indoor growing is they did not get the results or lesser yield. They don’t know where to put the plants under the light so that plants can receive the proper amount of light to grow.

How to use a light meter for growing plants?

If you are thinking about how you will use it do not worry, we will make you familiar with this best light measuring meter. It is not hard to use it, check the below-given video for more information.

In this post, we will recommend the top 5 light meters that you can use to get more yield. We also tell you why our recommended PAR meters are better than others.

Do not need to buy costly light meters if you have the right meters under the affordable price tag. We will go in-depth into every mentioned light meter to make you understand and help you to choose the right one for your indoor garden.

Advantages of using the best light meter

Now let’s talk about the advantages of light meters. The only benefit of using light meters for indoor growing is to get more yield. Yes, you heard right they are used to get more yield, surprised? By using them you can find the right spot for your plants in your growing room or grow tent. they also tell you the quality of your grow light. Two of the biggest benefits of just using one device for 2 minutes.

  1. It tells you when you should change your HID Grow light.
  2. It increases the maximum use of the grow light.
  3. The light meter resolves the problems like leaf burning and bleaching

Below are the top 5 light meters that are selected by our experts. We have tested more than 50 light meters and only below-given pass our lab tests and pass out the most of the huddles.

Dr.Meter Digital Light Meter

best light meter

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Dr.Meter is the best light meter for those who do not want to spend a high amount of money on a PAR meter. In our tests, we find it the best light measuring meter with an affordable price tag. Other PAR meters are the same as this meter in features and quality but those are higher in price. So, we do not include them in our list because if we get the same quality at a cheap price then why pay more money for them (think smart).

Those working in the lighting or electricity field find it very useful. We spoke to a few of the electricians and indoor growers they recommend this to others and are still using the product.

It is not hard to use light meters but sometimes beginners find it difficult to start from a highly technically advanced device. This is perfect for starters who just start growing or do not have experience in this field.

9-volt device to measure the quality of light in your grow room. All you need to do is shift between LUX and FC when you are ready to measure the light. once you measured the reading you can store it in the device memory.

It gives instant readings in seconds. Quick and easy to use in all conditions.

It has an impressive measuring range starting from 0 and ending at 200,000 Lux.

In our test we did not find any problem with this device it is good to use it and the price is impressive too. But the drawback is it is unable to measure the light of different wavelengths. If you are using LED grow light than this device will not measure the light.

Highly suitable for HPS grow lights.

It has high star ratings on all most all online shopping sites. The most trusted site(Amazon) selling it at the best price.


Energy-saving device

0 to 200.000 LUX

Silicone photodiode

18mm LCD

The best part is it comes with a 1-year warranty.

A 9v battery is needed to operate it.


Excellent for beginners

Easy to use

Quick action


Quality product

High accuracy 


Not for LED grow light or different wavelength light source

Extech LT300 Light Meter – Best Choice

best light meter

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Public reviews tell us which product is doing best and we have found this lumen meter is to measure light intensity at any place especially if you are growing inside. This light meter is best for indoor growing plants.

The best part is it is available at an affordable price. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on the light meter when you have this amazing product which you can get at the best price from Amazon.

5 illuminance measuring ranges that are 40, 400, 4000, 40,000, 4,00,000 LUX. The reading is not accurate there is always an error margin of 5% with this device. None of the light measuring devices gives 100% accurate reading because there is always a change in light wavelength (spectrum of light). This change in the light spectrum is very minimal which does not affect the growth of the plant and it is present in every light of the world.

hold your reading by just pressing a single button. To give you extra comfort and the manufacturer give a big LCD screen with a backlight so that users can easily read everything from the LCD in all conditions.

It is compatible with the inside and outside.

Do not worry about the 5% error they give two modes to reduce any amount of error in readings. The first mode is peak mode which captures the highest reading while the other relative mode tells the change in light.

This way you have two reading and can understand the change in the light spectrum. It is a good feature but we never combine both reding to check the error percentage.

[ no issues with durability, quality, high accuracy]


5 light measuring range

Measure up to 4,00,000LUX

Large display

Hold readings

Glowing LCD screen


Easy to use

Reasonable price

Data-holding feature

Color correction filter

Perfect for indoor growing


Not for Beginners

Amprobe LM-200LED light meter

best light meter

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Amprobe LM-200LED light meter is a dual-scale meter that measures up to 400,000 lumens per square meter (LUX). The built-in memory is enough to store 99 different readings and can also hold the latest reading on the screen to take notes. Only a 9-volt battery is required to operate it. Once the battery is inserted it can be used for up to 200 hours after that change the battery and the lumen meter will be ready for reuse.

The silicon diode and its filter help it to measure accurate readings at an altitude below 2,000 meters.

Sometimes the light comes from an angle to measure it the manufacturer gives angled cosine corrector which corrects the reading from any angle.

+/- 3% error in the accuracy of readings.

The box also contains 1.5 meters of wire and a single 9v battery to operate it from the day you receive it.


Cosine corrector

Data hold feature

Freeze the latest reading on screen

2.5 times per second sampling rate

High quality


Built-in memory

Holds 99 readings

Topmost quality

Easy to use and understand

Maximum features

Good accuracy rate


Beginners find it complex to use

Extech LT45 LED Lumen Meter

light measuring device

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Use this light meter in any place wherever you need to measure the light it can be your indoor growing area, growing tent, your office, home, basements, school buildings, etc. this device is suitable to use in all weather conditions at any place.

The sensor comes with a protective lid which is there to protect it from damage. Once the sensor gets damaged it will stop working or not give accurate readings so it is better to use a protective cap once you are not using it or just holding it in your hand.

If we talk about the range then it is the same as the above one which is 400,000 Lux. You can shift the measuring units from lux to Fc, it is easy to shift just the button and you are ready to use Fc or Lux mode.  Excellent to measure light from a different light sources like MID, Fluorescent bulbs, HPS Lights, and Incandescent and color LED lights.

The light sensor is attached to the device by a 1.5-meter coiled cable. Easy-to-read display with an overload indication. The auto power feature is given by the manufacturer to save battery life and it also increases the lifespan of the device. All light measuring devices are sensitive device they need special care while handling. Rough use can damage the internal parts or the very delicate light measuring sensor.


Professional measurements


Quick zero button

Basic accuracy +/- 3%

Weight: 250g


400,000 measurable range

Can measure light from all light sources

Easy to handle

A high-quality product Reputed brand

In-built memory

Reading hold feature

Tripod mount (hand-free operation)


No backlight

Meiboall LX-1010B Lumen Meter

best light meter

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If you are searching for Best Lumen Meter then this is the only option that you have in the low price range. It is not a wise idea to pay more money for only a Lumen measuring meter. This device is light in weight so it is easy to handle it in all situations.

This comes at the lowest price but this does not mean it is made with low-quality material. The cost-cutting is only due to a few features and a single mode. It saves data if the batteries go out of power (autosave method). Only a single piece of 9V standard battery is required to operate it. Use it in your indoor garden

The Par meter is small in size, give reliable performance at the lowest price.

The readings are accurate up to 50,000 Lux with the error of +/- 5%. 15 minutes of recording time is enough to hold and save the reading data up to 5 months which is more than enough.

One silicon photodiode with its filter is installed in it to measure light from any angle. Do not use it in wet conditions, you need a waterproof light meter to use in wet or moist conditions. In indoor planting, the use of this device is highly recommended, especially for beginners.

It helps to increase the yield. You can use it to measure the light that is falling on your plants. It tells you how much of the light is getting absorbed and waste. Adjust the position of plants according to the light meter reading.


Cheap price

Easily available

High performance

Lux measure


Single mode only

Final Words:

A Light meter or Lumen meter is an essential device for indoor growers they give complete information about the light that you are using. Sometimes in our research, we have found that people use best grow light but still, their plants do not grow as they should be and they leave the idea of indoor growing.

on the other hand, those who use light meter are happy with the results of their grow lights. Choose Best light meters to know the light absorption rate of your plants. Remember light is everything for plants if they get proper light only then they grow healthy and produce more fruit.

So our advice is to use the best light meters to get more yield. All the above-given light meters are top-selling best light measuring devices in the Canadian market. DR. Meter is our favorite light measuring device.