Best Carbon Filters For Growing Area 

Growing indoor Deman more care than growing outside.

The problem with indoor growing is the supplied nutrients and fertilizers produce an unpleasant smell.

If you tried all the things but the smell is still there then this post is for you.

Finally, there is no bad smell in my growing area because  I am using Carbon Filter which gives neat and clean air without any kind of stinking smell.

Let’s Start:

How to install the Carbon Filter in a grow tent?

You can install the filter in 4 ways. ti also depends upon the size of your grow tent. In big grow tents installation is not a problem. The problem comes in small to medium size tents when we try to grow big plants in them. So, you need to push the things little back to make the sufficient room for plant to grow big in size. Plants grow in all direction.  

Indoor carbon filter

Best carbon air filter by Apollo Horticulture

best carbon filter canada

Apollo Horticulture is one of the best manufacturing company that manufacture indoor growing equipment and tools. They have a wide range of grow lights, grow tents and now they add Charcoal filters to their product list. This is a trusted company which only makes reliable and high-quality products.

You can trust on the efficiency of their carbon filters. One of our close friends is using this for 1 year and now he recommends us and we are giving this review after using it for 40 days. The product is outstanding if you know the right technique to use and install it.

This product uses Australian carbon which is famous for its efficiency and affordable price. This carbon clears the air by absorbing all kind of bad smell.

Quality aluminum is used to make it best product as compared to its arrivals. The aluminum gives it rust free long light with light in weight.

Yes. It is light in weight so that you can easily install it in front of your inline duct fan to clear the bad smell.

Easy to use for everyone, just unpack it and plug into the electric socket your product starts working as soon as it gets the electric current. Do not worry about the electric bills as the Activated filters are every saving devices.

It not only clean absorb the bad smell from the air, in fact, it also absorbs the bad bacteria and chemicals, toxins.

50 mm of RC48 Virgin Activated Carbon is used to give you the completely odor free grow room.

The product comes in two different sizes so choose according to your requirements.

  1. 6 inches 450CFM  filter
  2. 8 inches 730 CFM filter


Trusted brand

Aluminum made

Highly efficient

Excellent power

Reasonable price


Nothing is a mention about the product warranty


carbon filter

The manufacturer has the wide range of carbon filters form small ones to large ones. You can choose any of them online at the best price.

46 mm thick layer of western Australian carbon is used to make each piece. Do not choose according to the thickness of a layer of the carbon or charcoal. Choose according to the quality of carbon used in the devices.

It can be used to clear the smoking smell out of the house of the working area, to clear the plant-based allergens and other types of smell.

The best part is this product comes with the warranty of 90 days. Which is more than enough and give peace of mind.

The box contains one carbon filter, 2 machine washable pre-filters, aluminum base, flange.


90 days warranty period

Every kind of size

Best carbon used




Ipower carbon filter review

carbon filter canada

Ipower is the company which makes growing tools at a reasonable cost. They do not compromise with quality. We know this because we are using their indoor growing products for 3 years and are happy with their results.

Ipower is a trusted brand among the Canadian growing community.

This Charcoal Filter by ipower is the perfect choice for new and old growing rooms the size is 6 inches. Which suits any of the growing areas, it is not too big or small for any growing area and moreover, it is a very powerful carbon air filter.

6 inches carbon filtering device is enough if you are growing plants at home in growing tents or in a basement. There are many more models which are suitable for home and commercial growing needs.

Now it’s time to discuss features.

In total ipower made 5 types of carbon Purifiers each with different size and filtering power. All of them use Australian RC412 activated carbon which is well known for filtering the air.

Ipower gives you the warranty for 2 years. This the first product of its kind which comes with the long warranty period. To extend its lifetime reversible flange is used so, use it for years without any problem.

Again, they also use 50mm thick carbon layer but the quality is high. Easily absorb all odors and toxins.

Good air flow to remove the bad smell as quickly as possible


Longer warranty

Top selling brand

Good air flow

High-quality carbon used

Energy saving

Our favorite product





Vivosun is famous for its long-lasting products. They are the manufacturer of grow lights, tents and carbon filtering devices in Canada.

Size: 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches.

Virgin Australian charcoal is used to give an extraordinary performance. It absorbs 3 times more toxins and chemicals than ordinary cheap filters.

No more worries about chemicals or toxins when you have the solution for them and that is this charcoal filter by the Vivosun. use it now if you are dealing with any type of odor at your home or in working place.

Made with high-quality material, durable, reliable Activated Carbon filter in Canada. Attach it with your existing ventilation system and breath in the fresh and toxin-free air. Plants need chemical free air to grow fast. The only option to give them neat and clean air to breathe is using a filtering device and eliminate the odor.

The package includes everything from pre-filter, filter belts which you use to install it and a manual book.

1-year standard warranty by the manufacturer


Trusted brand

1-year warranty

High-quality carbon used





amagabeli garden

This is a 5-star rating filter sold online. The high number of happy customers make it the best carbon filter in Canada. It is easily available online on Amazon at the best price. Some sellers offer discounts.

Galvanized steel is used to make it which is high strength steel with years of life so, you can use it for an entire growing process without any issue. It looks big in the image and in actual yes, it is slightly bigger than others but it can be installed easily in any grow tent or grow room.

Australian virgin charcoal removes the bad smell of all types in a few seconds. Nice airflow as it is bigger in size. It has 99% air filter rate.

More than 50 % of the area is open to increase the air flow which makes the filtration process fast. A quality piece at an excellent price.

This gives new life to your old dying plant by giving them fresh air. It removes all toxins from the air and hence left behind the clean air.

Multiple uses, you can use this device by fitting it outside the grow tent to give carbon and chemical free air to the plants inside the tent. or use it inside the tent to remove the plant odor and through the clean air outside.


High ratings


Strong material

Nice air flow

Fast action


No warranty


ventilation kit

This is best to buy a complete ventilation kit rather than just buying a carbon filter. For sure you will need a full kit to enjoy toxin-free air and fruits. If you buy all the things required for ventilation separately it will be expensive. Sometimes product from pone company does not fit good with other company brands, this creates a problem.

PrimeGarden offers best ventilation kit for home growers. Do not need to go to separate places to select each product to choose PrimeGarden perfect kit which includes following things.

Box includes:

Carbon filter

Elastic ropes

Silver flex ducting

Inline fan

2 steel clamps


Fan speed controller

Digital thermometer hygrometer

All the above-mentioned things at a low price as possible. PrimeGarden is selling their products at a low price because they set their margin to a low level.

1.5 inches thick layer of carbon in the filter which has the iodine absorption value of 950 which is quite as compared to the other brands in the same price range. Steel frame for long life.

It can easily remove all toxins from the air and give fresh air. There are some plant species and fertilizers which produce an unpleasant odor, use this carbon filter and rid of any bad smell of any kind.

6 inches heavy duty inline duct fan, power range or capacity 460CFM, low noise fan, running at high speed.

24-hour timer, it can easily control two devices at the same time, inbuilt memory function.

Digital Thermometer Hygrometer gives you the ability to control the growing condition according to yourself. Digital display which shows every reading clearly in big letters.

Fan speed controller, on/off switch, variable speed settings.


Complete package


Easily available

Effective system



Growneer 6 inches  filter with the duct fan

air filter

You are getting two things in the price range of one. Heavy duty fan with an excellent CO2 filter to filter your growing room.

It is a combo pack no need to buy a fan separately. Choose this CO2 filter combo pack and enjoy the clean air. Plants need oxygen to grow healthy and strong when they get polluted air they get diseases. Which will affect their health and life, in the end, you will get nothing in hand.

Therefore, give your plants clean and fresh air to breathe in order to grow healthy.

Low noise fan which rotates at very high speed (high rpm). Bot the fan and filter are energy saving they consume less electric energy which reduces the overall production cost.


Cheap price but good quality

Strong fan

Combo pack

2 years life period 



How does the best carbon filter work?

Carbon filter does not work on their own, you have to connect them to the exhaust to eliminate the smell. They have charcoal in them to filter the smell from the air. When the exhaust intake the air first it passes through the filter which is filled with activated charcoal.

This charcoal absorbs the smell particles from the air and make the air clean and let it pass through it, this is a quick process and you have odor free neat and clean air.

Two Ways of Using Activated Charcoal Carbon Filters

Activated charcoal carbon filters
connect the carbon filter to the duct fan as shown in the image below when grow in a grow tent.

best carbon filters

How to choose a charcoal filter for your grow room?

Choosing the right size carbon filter is not an easy task it required complete knowledge about their quality and mechanism. If you do not have knowledge about them than read this review. We are sure you will find it very helpful.

carbon filter
PRE-FILTER: Today almost every brand gives pre-filters in their charcoal filter to make them more effective. This also prevents dust particles from entering into the system which increases the life of a Charcoal filter. Always buy such with pre-filter. This will improve the overall growing experience.

THICKNESS OF CARBON: High-quality powerful filters have a thick layer of carbon in them because of the thickness of inner material which decides the effectiveness of a product. While choosing  Activated carbon Charcoal filter check for the thickness of the inner charcoal layer. Some of them have heavy layers but the use of low-quality material. Go for the branded filter to enjoy well cleaned odorless air.

DURABLE: The Cheap product made with low-quality material and have low durability. choose a quality product and for that, you have to pay the price for it. Durable filters are not very expensive they come at a reasonable cost.   

PORTABILITY: low noise filter produces less vibration while in operation mode. Choose which are light in weight and are easy to transport from room to another.

It is essential to use a good quality filter to give your plants clean and fresh air. They also eliminate the toxins and bad smell from the air. It often recommends by the grower’s community to use charcoal filters to purify the air for plants. Growing plants indoor comes with a huge responsibility.