Raised beds are the ideal choice for all beginner gardeners. The benefits of raised bed gardens for beginners are countless. It is very easy to grow plants in raised beds. The good news is if you know the woodwork and have proper woodcutting tools you can make your own raised bed. You can also choose different sizes of raised beds from the market. The best part is you can put them in any part of your garden. Just find a place where your beds can get direct sunlight for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours.

You can put your garden beds on rooftop, patio, balcony, or on the corner of the decks. They will look beautiful along the side of your house. Garden beds are often found in community garden centers because they are best to define garden boundaries. Also growing plants in them is very easy as compare to the traditional back yard gardening.

Raised beds make your garden look clean and tidy. They are easily accessible, looks beautiful, Prevent many pest problems. In early spring the soil in the raised beds becomes workable before the garden soil. Because the soil in the raised beds becomes warm easy and earlier.

Most common benefits of raised bed gardens are:


The biggest benefit of raised bed gardens is grower has full control over the soil. What to add or avoid is the grower’s choice. If you are living in an area where the soil is not good for growing veggies and herbs. You can use raised garden beds to grow plants of your choice. This way you can grow your food and feed your family organic fresh food.

Moreover, if you do not have a garden or your garden is not ready for the gardening you can do it in raised beds. Those living in apartments don’t have front and back gardens. They can grow plants in raised garden beds.

With the help of raised bed gardens, you can assure the supply of organic fresh food in all seasons. you can also place your raised bed indoors and use grow light to grow different types of herbs in it.

If you choose to use grow lights for growing plants. Then only choose energy-efficient LED grow lights.

Learn everything about LED grow lights.

Healthy soil is required to grow all sizes of plants. You can have all benefits of raised bed gardens only if you choose the best soil for raised garden beds.

The best soil for raised beds

Easily Accessible

You can design them in such a way so that they can become more accessible. Especially for those having back pain. Attach four legs to your garden bed to make it more comfortably accessible. It’s up to you how high you want your garden beds to stay.

Pest Control

Increase the height of your raised bed to prevent rats, bunnies, and other rodents away from your growth. Also, use nets to prevent birds and insect attacks. It is also easy to identify the problem if your plants show stunted growth.

As we all know prevention is better than cure. Therefore, use neem spray once every month on your growing plants. It is antimicrobial and prevents many diseases away from your plants.

If your soil does not contain diseases your plants will not get affected.

Early Start

The soil in the raised beds become workable early than the garden. This gives you the advantage of starting seeds before other gardeners. You will have more harvests than others. The soil in them become warm sooner than the garden soil.

Easy to grow spreaders

Plants like mint are easy to grow and control in raised beds. Because they are spreaders means if you grow them in a corner. They can spread all over the place if not managed properly. But in raised beds, these types of spreader herbs cannot jump the wooden walls.  They stay inside the raised bed.

Good Aeration

The soil in the raised beds remains loose and this improves the aeration. Remember good airflow is necessary for the health of growing plants. Aeration also prevents many root diseases like root rot.  Do not use normal garden soil in your raised beds because it will become compact when water and reduce aeration.

Better Drainage

When the soil is loosely packed it increases its abilities to drain better. Moreover, when the raised beds are at some height. The gravity attracts water drops towards downwards. This increases the draining of excess water. It also protects your plants from excess rainwater. 

Fewer Weeds and Crab Grass

In the traditional garden, you need to till the soil every year in some cases a few times a year. This process buried the weed seeds in the ground. When the seeds get in touch with water drops, they start germinating. The germination process of weed and crabgrass is fast and completes quickly in a few days.

Raised garden beds prevent this problem and you don’t need to spend time and money on killing weed grass.