Bell shaped flowers are the real beauty of a flower garden. Even if you don’t have many flowers in your garden you can make it beautiful by growing bell shaped flower plants. These ornamental plants are easy to grow in containers, hanging baskets, or as ground cover.

In this post, you will find the top 10 easy to grow flowers shaped like bells.

10 beautiful bell shaped flowers

Korean bellflower

Korean bellflower plants produce purple color long bellflowers. They hang upside down from their stems are in a group of flowers. The bright green leaves increase the beauty of flowers. The flowering plant needs good draining soil to grow with a minimum of 7 hours of sunlight.

Zones 3 to 8 have perfect weather conditions for growing Korean flower plants. The plants start blooming in the early days of spring and continue until fall.

Flowers of this plant release a very light sweet smell.

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If you like to have flowers in frost then bluebells are the best option. Because this plant can tolerate the frost. It can be grown as a ground cover or as a container flower plant. The bell shaped flowers produce a sweet fragrance. It can be noticed from 10 feet.

The interesting fact is bee farms grow it in their workplace to attract bees and butterflies.

To grow bluebell flowers spring is the best time, plant them 3 inches deep on the ground. Choose a location where they get indirect sunlight.

In warm weather zones, they can be grown annually. Whereas in colder parts of the country bluebells die when the temperature drops down. They cannot survive in hard cold winds.

The good news is this plant is deer and rabbit resistant. If you are dealing with unwanted visitors then grow them on the boundaries of your garden.

Caution: Keep the pets and children away from the plants. Because ingesting the flowers can cause stomach problems.


This perennial variety of bellflowers produce long tubular-shaped flowers. Normally flowers are pink, white, yellow, or red with dots. To grow this plant in your garden you need to give it little nutrient boots. In the form of liquid fertilizer.

Also, make sure it gets indirect sunlight. The plant cannot tolerate the hot afternoon sun rays in a hot climate.

You need to move the container into the shade in the afternoon.  Morning and evening sunlight is very beneficial for healthy bloom.

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Canterbury Bells

If you like pink color flowers then this plant is your best option. Because it produces pink color bellflowers. These flowers look gorgeously beautiful and enhance the overall design of flower gardens.

To grow this variety of bellflower plants you need to do little extra work. Where another type grows without much care. It needs little maintenance to produce a good bloom. Well-draining good moist soil is necessary to grow it. This means you need to give it more water on warm days.

To reduce the water needs of plants always use mulch or compost. These 2 substances help the soil to hold moisture for a long time once watered.

Easy to grow in zones 4 to 10.

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Clustered bellflower

As the name of the plant suggests that it produces flowers in clusters. Then these clusters look like a bell. The plant produces big flowers and grows up to 25 inches in height.

To achieve such height, you need to take care of your plant needs seriously. Again, the plant too needs moist soil for good growth.

The only problem with this plant is its short bloom.

It only blooms from mid-spring to the early days of summer. You may think that this plant has a very short period of bloom and it is not worth growing. But once you check the flowers that the plant develops. You will fall in love with them.

Peach leaves bells

The plant has white to light purple color flowers. Then why it is called peach leaved, I don’t know. You will find this plant in most of the flower gardens. Because it is an annual plant means it bloom throughout the year.

You have two varieties of peach leaves bells to grow, both have the same growing needs.

Chettle charm and blue-eye blonde are the 2 main types.

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Serbian Flower

If you like to grow flower plants but are worried about the care and garden pets. Then you need to choose this type. It does not need your attention to bloom. In fact, just plant it and give it some water it will grow like crazy.

Serbian bell variety of plants is short in height and produces little lavender bells.

It will bloom from spring to early fall. You have to trim it regularly to keep it short and in beautiful shape.


This flowering plant produces white color bell shaped flowers. The good news is you can grow it in snow. The plant is frost tolerant and also survives and produces bloom in the snow. To grow this plant, you need to sow seeds in the container or in the ground.

The interesting part is the plant only bloom once it gets fully matured. It takes 2 to 3 years to become mature and bloom.

If you can wait that long for the flowers it is best for your garden. If not, we have other options on the list.

Trumpet flowers

Here is the plant that grows fast and produces trumpet-like flowers. Angle’s trumpet is the name of the plant and it produces yellow flowers. It is a native of the tropical region. But you can grow it in containers in tropical plant potting soil. Move the container inside in winters to protect it from cold weather.

To attract hummingbirds to your backyard grow them today.


The plant bloom can be pink, purple, white, or red depending on the variety you choose to grow. This is an annual tender plant means it can survive in winters. Most of the growers like to grow it in hanging baskets. Because the flowers hand down from the plant. It makes a beautiful vine of bell shaped flowers.

Fertilization is required to increase the blooming time. Protect it from hot winds because this plant-like to grow in cool weather conditions.