Monstera leaves are the real beauty of monstera plants. People like monstera foliage more than any flowering plants.

Sometimes we see dark spots on monstera leaves this condition is called Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera.

This bacterial infection is different from fungal infections. You cannot cure your plant with fungal dealing methods.

Dealing with bacterial infection is a challenging task, especially for beginners. But now you don’t have to worry too much. Because today I am going to explain how you can treat your plant in bacterial infections.

Before that, you must understand the root causes of monstera leaf spots.

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Main Causes of Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera

There are multiple species of bacteria that infect the leaves of monstera plants. The most common are Pseudomonas or Xanthomonas. These bacteria are naturally present in contaminated water and soil.

Monstera leaf spot means you are not caring for your plant properly or you are not aware of its caring methods.

When you give a good amount of water, light, and fertilizers. Monstera plants become very strong and they can easily handle the infection.

We cannot save weak plants from bacterial leaf spot.

If you place your monstera in a dark place and fill the plant container with lots of water. Then due to the absence of adequate light and overuse of water. Your monstera will become infected.

Lack of fresh air also increases the chances of bacterial infection.

Before making the treatment plant you should quarantine the plant. This way you can protect your other healthy plants from infected monstera.

How to identify Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera?

The best way to check the infection is by inspecting the monstera leaves. Check the upper and bottom of the leaves. Do not forget to check the stems for bacterial infection.

Below are some main symptoms of monstera bacterial spot

Yellow – dark spots on the top surface of the leaves

Dry leaves and black spots on the underside of leaves

Black or Brown spots on stems

Dots on the bottom portion of the plant

Stunted growth and weak plant are two other common signs of bacterial infection

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What is the difference between fungal leaf spots and bacterial leaf spots?

It is hard to tell the difference between fungal leaf spots and bacterial leaf spots. Because both the diseases have similar symptoms. In some cases, they have the same root cause.

The only big difference between these leaf spots is fungal leaf spot produces spores. This depends upon the size and type of houseplant.

Dusty plants and unhygienic surroundings are the main cause of fungal leaf spot. Also, too much humidity in the room and lack of air ventilation increases fungal infections.

Whereas bacterial infection only develops when you use infected soil or water.

How you can treat Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera?


The first step should be separate the infected monstera from other healthy plants. Unfortunately, this bacterial infection is a slow infection. By the time your plant shows signs of infection, it spreads to almost every single tissue of the plant.

This is the reason treating bacterial leaf spot is more difficult than other common houseplant diseases.

Determine the severity of the infection

The next is determining the degrees of infection. Examine your plant closely and check whether the spots are on the bottom leaves or they are all over the plant including stems.

You also need to check the new leaves because this bacterium can infect almost every part including new and old growth.

How to fix Bacterial Leaf Spot on Monstera?

In case of mild infections

If only a few leaves are infected then you can cut them to get rid of this disease. To cut them use a sharp knife and wear gloves. Then cut the leaves close to the vine.

Once you cut all the leaves immediately put them in your garbage. Do not use these leaves to make compost. Because the bacteria will spread in the compost and contaminate it.

For high-degree Infection

If the spots are all over the monstera plant then you need to use a different approach.

You should use plant medicine to kill the existing bacteria and to prevent further spread. There are many medicines available on Amazon for monstera bacterial spot.

You can also buy from your local garden store. They are inexpensive and you can use them on multiple plants.

It is best to buy a spray instead of powdered anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plant medicine. Before using a spray, you should wear protective gloves and glasses.

Read the instruction carefully before using the chemical spray.

How to prevent monstera bacterial spot?

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Sterilize the tools that you use for trimming the plant like shears, knives, and watering can.

Separate the infected plant to prevent the bacterial spread to other plants.

Water your monsteras only when the top few inches of the soil become dry. This will prevent overwatering problems and bacterial leaf spot. Also, use the potting medium that drains fast. Such soil can protect your plant roots in case of accidental overwatering.

Good ventilation is necessary to keep the humidity equal in all parts of the room. Maintain the humidity between 50% to 60% for the strong monstera plant.

Please use fresh filtered water and keep the surroundings neat and clean to prevent bacterial diseases.

Now that you know you can treat bacterial infection by using different methods. For more info contact us anytime.


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