Are roses Poisonous to humans and pets? Should we eat

Roses are beautiful, everybody likes these flowers. Many people in the USA have at least one rose plant in their gardens. People with pets and children often ask one question are roses poisonous to them? Worrying about pets and family safety is natural.

The good news is roses are not poisonous to humans they are safe to touch, smell and use in different ways. Even some perfumes contain a rose petal smell.

But there are a few things that you need to look out for.

Below are the common queries about roses with their honest answers. Rose leaves, thorns, stems, and rose petals are discussed in detail.

To know everything about the roses and their poisonous effects read till the end.

Let’s start

Are roses poisonous to our lovely pets?

Roses are not poisonous to pets. If you have indoor plants and want to check whether they are poisonous to not. You should visit the most trusted ASPCA website.

There they have listed all the houseplants in the toxic and non-toxic categories. You will find detailed info about the toxicity of any plant including common symptoms.

If your pets are munching rose leaves no need to be worry. Because roses are safe plants for them. But you should stop them immediately before they develop it as a habit. They can damage the rose plant by chewing on it. They can also damage your costly plants if you do not teach them to stay away from plants.

There are some plants that are mildly and highly toxic to pets. You should search the plant name and its toxic effects on ASPCA before going to buy.

Rose petals and humans

Rose petals are safe for humans. Our bodies can easily ingest them in different forms. For example, I have rose jam and drink organic rose petal tea. Keep in mind that normal roses undergo a chemical process. This process is necessary to keep them fresh for a long time.

Such rose petals are not safe to eat. The only organic rose petals are safe to eat and to use in different dishes and recipes.

The same goes true for pets. If you treat your rose plant with chemical sprays. Then you should keep your plant away from the reach of your pets and children.

In many parts of the world rose petals are often used in many skincare treatments. Nowadays many US skincare leading brands use rose water and rose petals in their skincare formulas. Chinese people use rose tea to cure cough and fever. Rose petals has medicinal properties and are not poisonous.

Are rose thorns harmful?

Yes, they are harmful because they are long, sharp, and can tear your skin. This is the limit of their harmfulness. If you work carefully and wear gloves rose thorns will not tear your skin.

As long as rose thorn toxicity is concerned, they are not toxic and do not contains any toxic chemicals.

Sometimes when we forgot about the hygiene of the plant and surroundings. The harmful virus and bacteria settle down on the thorns. From here it can easily get into your system and make you sick. Therefore, always keep the plant, plant pot, and surroundings neat and clean.

Let’s say you do not wear rose protective gloves and the thorn pricks your finger. In this case, you should remove it and disinfect the wound with rubbing alcohol and cotton. Then apply antibiotic cream or lotion on the wound. These creams and lotions are easily available in the pharmacy in the OTC product section.

Can we eat rose leaves?

Yes, we can eat them they are safe to eat but they do not taste good. Actually, people use rose leaves to make good healthy tea. Such tea somewhat tastes like black tea.

You can also use rose leaves to make beautiful neckless. My wide use of rose leaves to decorate our kitchen area.

She together uses fresh leaves and plastic leaves that look like fresh leaves.

Do not try to eat raw rose leaves they have sharp edges.

Health benefits of eating rose petals

Rose petals are a rich source of vitamins C, K, B, and carotene. All these are essential to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Calcium and potassium are also found in limited amounts in rose petals. Red rose petals are more beneficial to human health.

You can eat them raw if you like the taste.

Add them in different ice creams

Add them in salad dishes

Rose petals are one of those all-rounder things that you can add to any type of dish. Do not add too much otherwise you will only get the rose petal taste instead of the original dish. In my experience rose petals are not good to eat daily. We have many other options.

Rosewater and rose petals

Rosewater is a liquid that is made from fresh rose petals. Rosewater is made to use on human skin, do not add it to any dish. If you have tired eyes, you can put a few drops of rose water into your eyes and you will feel fresh.

The darkens under-eye can be easily treated with rose water. It hydrates the skin and prevents dryness and itchiness.

Rosewater is beneficial in headache, and sore throat, and also help in improving digestion.


Roses are not poisonous to humans and pets. They are very beneficial to human health and skin. Many skin care products contain rose petals.

You just need to wear garden gloves while working with roses. They are easy to grow and maintain.

Roses increase creativity. You can use rose petals and leaves to decorate your home and to make beautiful ornamentals.

If you never tasted rose tea, you should try it now. It has soothing effects and is extremely beneficial on winter days. For more information on roses check our houseplant page. This is all about the article are roses poisonous?

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