• Alocasia Lauterbachiana Care Guide
    If you are searching for an extraordinary plant for your home. Then your search ends here because today’s post is all about the rare alocasia lauterbachiana care and maintenance. Alocasia lauterbachiana is also called the purple sword plant and it is the most beautiful alocasia plant. As you can see in the image above. It … Read more
  • Alocasia Ivory Coast Vs Pink Dragon
    Alocasia ivory Coast and Pink Dragon both are two different varieties of the Alocasia plant group. Because their family is the same, they have some similarities and some differences. To know them better keep reading this article. You will learn the difference between Alocasia Ivory Coast Vs Pink Dragon Leaf design and texture, foliage color, … Read more
  • Alocasia dragon scale care
    Alocasia dragon scale is another beautiful plant from the Araceae family. It is naturally found in many parts of South Asia. This tropical plant has many hybrid varieties suitable for outdoor and indoor growing conditions. It produces beautiful dragon patterns leaves. The interesting part is Alocasia dragon scale care is simple and easy. You can … Read more
  • Alocasia Black Velvet care (Alocasia reginula)
    Alocasia black velvet is also famous as little queen. This plant has green velvety leaves with silver veins. This plant is easy to grow and maintain. If you like to add this plant to your indoor plant collection. Then you need to read our ultimate Alocasia black velvet care guide. Follow the steps and have … Read more
  • Alocasia frydek care
    If you are fond of Alocasia plants you should try to grow Alocasia Frydek. It is also famous with its second common name Alocasia Green velvet. Alocasia plants are always challenging to grow and maintain. In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about the Alocasia frydek care and propagation. For the … Read more
  • Alocasia cuprea care
    Alocasia cuprea is a unique tropical plant. Mirror plant and Jewel Alocasia are its other common names. The plant is naturally found in Asia and in high humid parts of South America. Alocasia cuprea care is just like other plants of the Alocasia family. Home growers use this plant to decorate their indoor space. Because … Read more
  • Alocasia Stingray Care Guide
    If you are looking for the most beautiful houseplants. Then your search ends here. Alocasia Stingray is a beautiful houseplant. It has uniquely shaped leaves that is why it is also called elephant ear stingray. Most of the new gardeners drop the idea of growing houseplants. Because they do not have enough time for plant … Read more
  • Alocasia Polly Plant Care Guide and Problem Solving
    Alocasia Polly is an indoor houseplant, also known as Alocasia Amazonica and African mask plant. If you like to grow short and stylish looking houseplants. Then African mask plant is the best choice. Because its tropical foliage looks very beautiful. The presence of this plant makes your home interiors more beautiful. Alocasia is a tropical … Read more
  • Alocasia Odora Variegata Care Guide, Propagation and Problems
    If you want to grow rare alocasia then you should go for Alocasia Odora Variegata. It is a beautiful plant with large size variegated leaves. Growing and caring is simple as compared to other variegated plants. Expose it to bright light for good variegated leaves. Keep soil moisture on the higher side and fertilize it … Read more
  • Why is My Elephant Ear Plant Leaking Water from Leaves?
    The elephant ear plant is easy to grow houseplant. It can be easily grown in almost any indoor environment. Its large size leaves look so beautiful and add a good amount of greenery to your place. The problem with this plant is it cannot tolerate an excessive quantity of water. To make a balance between … Read more
  • Should I Cut Brown Tips Off my Spider Plant (Quick Solution)
    Spider plants look very beautiful when they have bright and lush foliage. But sometimes the tips of spider plant leaves turn brown. There are many factors that trigger brown tips like too much sunlight, fertilizer burn, heavy water, low air moisture, and unwanted minerals in the water. Spider plant brown tips are not a serious … Read more
  • Grow Alocasia Maharani Step-by-Step
    Alocasia Maharani aka Alocasia Grey Dragon is a very popular houseplant. It has beautiful green color and thick leaves with interesting vein patterns on them. It is different from the alocasia dragon scale and green dragon plant. It is easy to grow indoors in small to medium size plant containers. If you have a good … Read more
  • How to grow Alocasia Reversa Indoors?
    Compare other alocasia varieties with Reversa and you will know why we called it alocasia Reversa. On other alocasia plants, the leaves are darker than the veins. But when you look at this plant you will observe that the veins in the middle of the leaves are darker green than the rest of the leaf. … Read more
  • How to care for Alocasia Melo?
    Alocasia melo is also famous as alocasia Rugosa. It has large size thick textured eye-catching greenish-blue leaves. If you have alocasia growing experience then you will find it easy to care for Melo. No need to buy fancy tools and costly fertilizers. Your normal houseplant fertilizer and a medium-size plant pot are all you need. … Read more
  • How to Care for Alocasia Cucullata?
    If you believe in good luck then you must grow Alocasia Cucullata at your home. It is called buddha’s hand and is believed to bring health and prosperity. The energy released by the plant changes the surrounding environment. You will feel full of energy and life. This is my own experience with this plant. Do … Read more
  • How to care for Alocasia Brisbanensis?
    Alocasia Brisbanensis is an Australian native plant. There it grows in tropical parts of the country. It has glossy spade-shaped leaves that look very attractive. To grow it indoors you need to give it proper space. Because it spread in a wide area and is mainly used to cover a large area. To grow it … Read more