Alocasia frydek care

If you are fond of Alocasia plants you should try to grow Alocasia Frydek. It is also famous with its second common name Alocasia Green velvet. Alocasia plants are always challenging to grow and maintain. In this article, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about the Alocasia frydek care and propagation.

For the best possible alocasia frydek plant care you need to give them indirect bright light, high air moisture, and fast-draining soil. The temperature of the room must be between 65 degrees F to 85 degrees F.

Below is every single detail that you should aware of before growing the frydek alocasia.

Quick Care Guide

Common names Alocasia green velvet
Toxicity Toxic only if ingested in large quantity
Humidity Above 50%
Soil Well-draining
Light Filtered bright light with hours of direct light
Water Wait until the top 2 inches of soil gets dry
Pest and Diseases Root rot and Common houseplant pests
Native Country Philippines


Light needs of Alocasia Frydek

Give your plants indirect bright light for the best possible care and growth. These plants cannot handle the high intense direct sun rays. But the interesting part is they do need few hours of direct sunlight. They need it to make their food.

If you are serious about your alocasia frydek care and health. Then put the plant in direct sunlight for 2 hours every morning. In the morning time, the sun emits soft and low intense sun rays. After 2 hours from the sunrise, it starts emitting high-intensity light waves. That is not good for many houseplants.

On the other hand, if you do not have time for doing this on daily basis. Then try to place your plant totally away from direct sunlight. But remember that it needs bright indirect light.

The leaves are its real beauty and eye-catching part of the plant. In low light conditions, the plant leaves lose their shine and become weak. The plant stops growing and producing new leaves. Therefore take care of the light needs of this plant seriously.

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Soil for alocasia frydek plant

Frydek plants need slightly moist soil which means less use of perlite in the potting mix. No doubt the potting mix should have good draining abilities. But it should also have good water storing properties. At the time of filling the plant pot with potting mix add some organic fertilizer. They release nutrients at a slower rate. Hence the plants always have enough nutrients to grow.

60% coco coir + 10 % compost and 30 % of perlite is the top formula of best potting mix for alocasia frydek.

If you have peat at home but not coco coir. You can use peat in the formula instead of coir.

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Watering frydek plant

Alocasia green velvet is a water loving plant. You need to water it more than the other plants of its family. The problem is, this plant is prone to overwatering diseases but it cannot tolerate drought at all. In this condition, you need to use your experience of watering houseplants or follow our guide.

In the growing season when the plant needs more water use the full water technique. In this technique, you water the plant pots when the upper 2 inches of potting soil become dry. Then water the plant thoroughly. Wait for a few minutes and let the extra water drains out.

  • To save your plant from excess water please consider following
  • Do not use extra big pots such pots can hold the extra water. This results in overwatering.
  • Use plant pots that have drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Do not use heavy clay-type soil. Recommended potting soil formula is best to use.
  • Check the plants every day in their growing season.

In winter, plants do not need water like they do in the summer season. Therefore, after watering plants keep eye on the potting soil. If the soil stays wet for a long time, then cut the water supply for few days. Adapt the sip watering method where you give very little to the plants.

Do not use normal tap water for watering alocasia frydek. This water may contain heavy minerals and salts. They get build-up in the root area. This cut down the supply of nutrients to plant roots.

Clean drinkable water is best for watering houseplants. Water your indoor plants in the morning so that they can have enough time to absorb it before night. Night watering is good for lawn grass not for potted plants.


For good Alocasia frydek care put the plant pot in a highly humid place. In its native place, the place grows in above 50% humidity. You need to give it the same air moisture in your home.

The good news is in the USA most houses have humidity in between 40 to 65 %. Which is good for growing alocasia frydek type plants.

The low percentage of moisture in the air causes brown leaf tips. Leaves are the real beauty of this plant. Therefore, you need to keep eye on room humidity. For this, you have to buy and use Hygrometer. This instrument will help you to measure the humidity in any room. You can buy an inexpensive hygrometer from the local hardware store or from Amazon.

Let’s say the meter tells you the humidity in your house is below 50 %. In this case, do the following things to increase it.

Group the plants together. Keep some distance between them for the air circulation (10 inches or more).

The next method is using a humidity tray. Put the plant pot in it and let the tray do its work. Remember that you have to add some small rocks and water to the humidity tray.

The last and most effective method is using a humidifier. If you, have it at home it is good to use it. or you can buy it from a local Walmart store.


The ideal temperature range is between 60 to 85 degrees F. If the temperature drops below, the plant tissues start dying and you will lose your plant. Therefore, maintaining the right temperature is a crucial part of Alocasia frydek care and maintenance.

Sudden temperature fluctuations can also damage the plant. To avoid them do not put the plant near the air conditioner and heat vents. The heat released by the heating vents makes the soil and plant stem dry.


Here, this plant is different from other houseplants. Alocasia frydek needs fertilizers to grow and to produce shining leaves. Normal houseplant fertilizer will do the best. Only fertilize it once a month in its growing stage.

I use 20 -20 -20 liquid fertilizer from Fox farms.

Before using it, you have to dilute it. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and dilute your fertilizer. Overfertilization results in the total loss of the plant.

Do not use compost or worm compost if you are growing it indoors. Because these organic fertilizers release an unpleasant smell. Your home will smell like a compost factory. Stay away from such advice and use commercial liquid fertilizers only.

Repotting Alocasia green velvet

Do not repot it unless it shows the signs of root bounding. Generally, this plant-like to grow in the small size pots then the plant size.

Repot only if the roots come out of the bottom hole or they become visible over the top surface of the potting soil.

Use the pot only 1 inch wide and deep than the current pot. At the time of repotting check the roots for any disease. If you see damages or dead roots then remove them before planting them in the new pot.

Do not use the same soil for repotting.

You must water your plants 2 days before the repotting. It makes it easier to take the plant out of its pot.

After finishing the repotting give it proper care.


Spring and summer are the best time of propagation. Plant division is the perfect technique that gives 100% results.

Loosen the soil and remove the plant from its pot. Do not pull it without losing the soil.

Remove the soil from the plant roots to make them visible.

You will see the rhizome

Divide them into different parts

Now plant each divided part of the plant in different pots. Each division will grow healthy just like the mother plant before the propagation.

Now that you finish with propagation, give proper care to your plants (follow our care guide).


Leaf spot and root rot are the two main common diseases that affect the alocasia frydek plants. You can prevent both conditions by limiting the water.

Once the roots are infected you have to cut them from the plant. Or they will infect the entire root ball and kill your plant.

There are no other diseases that can affect the frydek Alocasia plants.

Common Pests

Aphids, Spider mites are common pests. You need to act fast to prevent them. The first line of defense is the plant immune system. You can build a strong plant immune system by giving it proper care.

Use preventive methods like neem oil once a month. This will prevent pests and keep your plant safe.


Alocasia frydek plants are toxic to pets and humans only if ingested in large quantities. Vomiting, stomach pain, swelling of the mouth are the first symptoms of plant poisoning.

If you see any of these or other signs in your pets or children then call the poison control center right away.

In some sensitive skin people, Alocasia frydek causes skin irritation or small red bumps on the skin. This is due to the liquid secreted by the plants.

Yellow leaves of Alocasia frydek

There are many reasons responsible for the yellow leaves. Overwatering is the main cause of yellow leaves. The second common reason is direct sunlight.

In some cases, nutrient deficiencies also cause yellow leaves.

If the extra water is the cause, then stop watering plants until the soil becomes dry. Move the plant to the indirect light location.

For nutrient deficiencies give some diluted nutrients to the plant. And the problem of yellow leaves will get solved.

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