If you believe in good luck then you must grow Alocasia Cucullata at your home. It is called buddha’s hand and is believed to bring health and prosperity. The energy released by the plant changes the surrounding environment. You will feel full of energy and life. This is my own experience with this plant.

Do not expect any miracles from it. It only purifies the energy where it grows. And good energy is the source of every fortune.

Today I will show you how you can grow this plant at home and how to maintain its good health.

Let’s start our Alocasia Cucullata growing guide

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It is native to Thailand and under good growing conditions, it can grow more than 3 feet tall. Generally, when we grow it in pots it remains short and only achieves 1.5 to 2 feet height.

The heart-shaped leaves grow 5 inches to 10 inches wide depending on the Alocasia Cucullata care.

For best care only fertilize this plant in its active growing season. Spring and Summer are the two main growing seasons.

Avoid heavy watering in the winter season to protect your plant from unwanted root diseases.

Light Needs

To give it proper care arrange indirect bright light conditions for it. It cannot survive in the bright sunlight. To protect it from direct sunshine, keep well distance between the sunny window and plant.

Leaf burn is the main problem in plants that expose to direct sunlight.

In a sunny window, you can install a curtain to filter the sunlight. If there is stretchy growth then you can move it to a bit brighter location.

To grow it outdoors you need to look for a partially shady place. But in winters you cannot move the ground rooted plants inside. Therefore, grow it in a pot and place it outside when the environmental conditions become comfortable.

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Potting Soil

Alocasia Cucullata likes to live in slightly acidic soil. Keep the soil pH between 5.0 to 6.5 pH.

Well-draining and soil fertility are the second most important qualities that it needs in soil. To make general-purpose houseplant potting soil useful for the Cucullata plant. Mixing organic soil amendments in the formula is the only option.

To increase fertility and to improve draining power add organic manure or compost. I prefer compost over other organic materials.

Because it contains all-natural plant ingredients and is derived from plant content and kitchen waste. Compost tea is also beneficial when growing Alocasia Cucullata indoors.

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Moderate watering is the secret to success and root rot is the biggest problem in these plants.

To avoid overwatering-related issues let the top few inches of the soil become dry before watering. This way your plants become strong and you prevent root fungus diseases.

For best Alocasia Cucullata care and maintenance you must water your plant less frequently.

Never mist water on plant leaves even in a low humidity environment. Because it will result in leaf fungus. In this condition using leaf fungicide will solve the problem. 


In spring and summer, your plant needs little help to grow a little extra in size.

For that, you must use high-quality fertilizers that are mild on plant roots. Because it is a green color plant you must use fertilizers that are high in nitrogen.

Stop using fertilizers on winter days because these days all the plants take rest and do not grow. In botanical terms, we call it the dormancy period of plants.

Temperature & Humidity

60 to 80 degrees F is the best temperature for Alocasia Cucullata care and maintenance.

This clears that this plant-like to grow in warm conditions and it cannot tolerate the frost and cold winds of the winter season. If you are growing it outdoors bring the plant pot inside in September.

60 to 80 % moisture in the air is necessary for healthy Cucullata. The general home humidity is less than this range.

So, you need to use a plant humidifier to increase the grow room humidity.

The Pebble tray method will not work here because the plant needs constant humidity. Only an electric humidifier can give you the set humidity.


No need to choose any special type of pot. Select any pot for this plant but it must have 1 or more draining holes.

This variety of alocasia need slightly compacted roots. So, you do not need to worry about the slightly root-bounded plant pots.

For repotting it spring is the best time. Choose one size large pot and then transfer it to the new home. For the long life of your plant change the potting soil at the time of changing the pot.


To propagate the Alocasia Cucullata take the plant out of its pot. Remove the unwanted soil from the roots and you will see the rhizomes.

Divide the rhizomes into sections and separate them from the main stem.

Then take new pots filled with high-quality potting soil and plant each division in a different pot. Then fill the pot with soil and give some water.

For the first 7 days, you need to put the propagated plant pots in high humidity and also keep the soil moist.

Within few days you will see well-established plants in the new pots.


No doubt this alocasia is easy to grow and care for. But you still need to keep eye on the soil conditions. Overwatering is the main cause of plant deaths.

Waterless to reduce overwatering-related issues.

Give it proper light and it will thrive beautifully.

To prevent fungal diseases mist neem oil spray on plant leaves. It is safe to use on all types of plants. Dilute the solution in water before use.