Do you know why every indoor grower has at least one 600 watts led grow light?

The answer is 600 watts led grow light is suitable to grow any kind of plant at home. If you have a full spectrum of 600 watts grow light at home then you do not need to buy anything extra to grow excellent plants.

This light has the power to grow healthy and strong plants without much of your attention.

Always use those indoor growing products which reduce your efforts and gives you some time to relax and enjoy life.

We have collected some of them all the time best 600 watts led grow lights that you can use to grow your fruits and vegetables. They come at a very affordable price and have high durability.

Do not worry about the electric bills as we only choose the power-saving light which doe not increase your energy bills. They required less maintenance as compared to the other lighting technologies.

The LED lighting is the technology of the modern world and it is much more affordable now (we all are familiar with the reliability of LED light).

There are thousands of 600 watts LED grow lights in the online market and it is very hard to choose the single best piece from thousands of them. We make it easy for you to read today’s review and find out which light suits your budget and plants.

Without stretching the conversion anymore let’s straight jump to the reviews



higrow 600 watt grow light

Full-spectrum light at best price

5-star rating on Amazon yes, you heard right this light achieve all 5-star ratings on the manufacturer gives 30 days money-back guarantees with 3 years of long-term warranty if any part fails to work.

The brand is very confident about their product and giving a long warranty. 3 years is a long time.

90 degrees optical lens which reflects the light straight on the plant. It also intensified the light which goes deep inside the plant leaves hence increase the chances of photosynthesis. The health of a plant depends upon the cycles of photosynthesis. Strong photosynthesis means your pant is getting everything that it needs to grow.

Users have found that this light prevents the light loss up to 30% and this also gives maximum yield before the time. The reason is simple and that is more absorption of light (optical lens emits fast and stronger light over the plants which give them good health).

Moreover, it has two different switches for bloom and vegetative light functions. This gives complete control over the growing cycles. Users feel confident and proud when they have full control over the growing process. This also increases their experience and make them the best grower day after day. They learn how plants react to different light wavelengths. This also increases their botanical knowledge which helps them in their future growth.

It is advised by the grower’s community of the USA, to get more yield on time always uses full-spectrum light. These are those lights that emit all 12 bands of light wavelength from 380nm to 760 nm along with infrared and UV rays.

Do not worry about the UV rays the light intensity of these UV rays is not like the sun. It does make any harm to human beings who work around them. These are very low power Ultraviolet rays which plants need to prevent many diseases. Only one or two pieces of UV led are used per piece of grow lights.

This deadly combination of full spectrum, IR and UV rays makes an excellent piece of 600 watts grow light.

The best part is you can get this light on a discount on  Click on the given link and buy straight from Amazon.


This light is equivalent to 600-watt HPS light. the difference between both is your HPS light emits 600 watts by consuming 600 watts of powers (high electricity bills, wastage of energy as there is no optical lens in them, frequent burning, etc).

On the other hand, 600 watts led light also emits the same power (600 watts) by consuming only 250 watts. More savings, low production cost, high yield are the advantages of using higrow 600 watt light.

The maximum coverage of light is 4×4 only if it is hanging at the perfect height of 24 inches.

2 cooling fans and aluminum body make it highly durable light for indoor use.


5 watt 120 pieces of LED

Gives maximum yield

3-years of warranty

Less power consumption

Optical lens

UV and IR

Bloom and veg switches


Not waterproof


600 watt led

This vivosun light suitable to grow plants like lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, etc in any growing medium. If you are using nutrient-rich solutions or soil to grow your plants than this light is a suitable product. It has the power to emit strong growing light so that your plants can grow in all types of growing methods. This is also called Wide application grow light by Vivosun

Users give it a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and make it one of the best lights for indoor growing.

This light from vivosun is full spectrum grow light which emits a very bright light that will be loved by the plants. They are the best manufacturers of indoor growing tools.

It covers a maximum area of 3×3 feet at a height of 32 inches and 2×2 feet while hanging at 24 inches. It is suitable for small growing spaces like grow tents or growing cabins.

To keep it cooler while its operating hours the manufacturer designs it differently. They install two big cooling fans of 5 inches in size which flush out the excess of heat and allow cool air to enter into the system. In this way, the strong cooling system of light makes its components cool and safe in high temperatures.

Now let’s talk about its power consumption, you will be surprised to know it only consumes 270 watts of power even having such a big cooling system.


Long-term 3-years manufacturer warranty and above all this they give 30 days of the trial period if you find this product unsatisfied, simply return it and your money will be refunded to you.

100,000 hours of a lifetime this is more than enough when we compare the same price range grow lights. 120 piece of LEDs is used to emit bright light with the power of 5 watts each.

When we receive this light at our place it was very well packed by the manufacturer (lots of cushioning).


3-years warranty

30 days trail period

Strong cooling system

100,000 hours of lifespan

Made with composite material



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phlizon grow light

Phlizon understands the importance of indoor growing and this is the reason they make safe grow lights for indoor use. This 600-watt light is also safe to use as they do not compromise with the safety at any cost.

It does not have the reflector in it but this does not mean it is unable to emit strong light, there is a misunderstanding in the people because we all think that having a reflector in a grow light means high bright light but this is not true when it comes to the reality. Reflectors only make grow lights beautiful the power of light is decided by the number of LEDs used in it and the material of light also plays an important role in increasing the light intensity.

When there is a short circuit in the light then the reflector is the first thing that catches fire easily and if the temperature goes near 80 degrees then it starts melting like ice. This is the phlixon do not give reflector in their grow lights and make their grow lights safe to use even at very high temperature.

5 different color LEDs are used to make every single piece of light. the white color light gives everything to the plants from the first growing cycle to the time of harvest. This is similar to white sunlight.

Whereas Red and Blue light are required for the vegetative and blooming stage, actually plants need blue and red light at different stages and some point, they need both lights at eh same time.

The manufacturer also implants the expensive IP and UV LEDs to give extra strength to the plants so they can fight against the fungus and many other bad bacteria.

The combination of all these LEDs in a single grow light is only possible in Phlizon quality products.

They two different switches for blue and white which are used in the veg stage and another is for red, white light which is required in the blooming stage.

this light is a good replacement for 400 HPS light bulbs. You will get 600 watts of power with low energy consumption because it only consumes 180 watts of power. This will also reduce the electric bills and also reduces the overall production cost.

A perfect light for 2×2 feet growing areas which is enough for small growing. Two cooling fans with high airflow.

Phlizon professional LED light comes with 2-years of manufacturers warranty and 1 month of money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfaction.

The kit also includes 1powercord, one piece of light, hanging hooks, humidity monitor, adjustable rope.


Long warranty

Money back guarantee

Branded product

Full spectrum

Comes with accessories


Nothing is mentioned about waterproof.


600 w light

Finally, MarsHydro 600 W LED Grow light is here. This is the best product in the market at this time. Mars hydro is a big brand that makes grow lights and all products are high standard products.

We advise beginners to use MarsHydro grow lights because they need less maintenance and beginners do not have enough experience in growing. So, they need something strong enough to handle rough usage.

Detailed review:

If we talk about its power consumption it only consumes 132 watts of power. The above-review light consumes more than 200 watts of power but this is highly energy-saving light compared to them.  Other lights are on the list due to their qualities.

Let’s back to our review, this light emits full spectrum light which your plants need from the very first day up to their harvest. We can say this is a complete package in which you only need to grow indoor vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc.

To cover a large area, use two light and get large coverage with a bright light that goes deeper inside the leaves and enhances photosynthesis.

The manufacturer design mars hydro lights in a different way. They make sure that if one led stop working then this failure does not affect the entire system. This happens to us we have the same light in our home garden and one of the LEDs is not working but others are working fine. We do not know why one led to stop working.

It has a strong cooling system so do not worry about the excess of heat energy. Big cooling fans in it will take care of everything.

3-years warranty with 30 days money-back guarantee. 12631 lumens output.


Energy saving grow light


ETL certified

3-year warranty

Easy to use


NO UV and IR Diodes


grow light

If you are not familiar with the brand we would like to inform you that RECORDENT is a big manufacturer of grow lights and having years of good experience in this field. They never compromise with the quality their products are based on the latest designs and technology. They have their developing labs where they do experiments and make better products which they offer at the best price range.

We all know for better quality products we have to pay the price for the quality. Same as in this case the product is made with high-quality material. It has 5-watt double chip LEDs which only consume less than 100 watts of energy and emit a full spectrum light of 600 watts.

This is a great light that saves you more money than MarsHydro LED light. it is one of the most energy-efficient grow light in the market with the power of 600 Watts.

The UV light is used to make your plants bacteria free all the time. If you are using the light which does not emit UV rays we advise you to change it the right way. Click on the given link and buy it from the most trusted website Amazon.

IR function promotes cell division and increases plant growth. You will see the difference in the size of your plant just after 20 days of regular use.

Plants need natural light and this light also emits light which is similar to the natural light and have the same spectrum of light wavelength.  This is also called an optimal spectrum because it has everything that your plants need.

The lifetime of light is heavily depending upon the cooling system. It is a system that is designed to keep the light temperature low to avoid short circuits or part failure.

Two Large cooling fans make the light temperature at the lower level. This increases the lifetime and efficiency of the product.

120 days of trial period yes, you heard right the manufacturer is so confident about their product that is the reason behind the 120 days of the money-back trial period.  None of the other company money-back guarantee like this manufacturer. So what are you waiting for? Order it now and use it for 120 days if this light is not satisfying you can return it and your money will be refunded.

Go to Amazon if you want to read more customer reviews about the product. High customer satisfaction rate. Happy users make it no.1 selling light online.


120-DAYS of a trial period

Energy efficient

Consumes 80 to 100 watts only

Extra bright light

UV and IR

Wide angle of reflection

Enough for Complete growth cycles. 


Not Waterproof


viparspectra 600 watt LED grow light Canada

When it comes to the indoor growing P600 LED grow light is an excellent choice. It has high PAR and Lumen values. High Lumens means very high bright light and plants love bright light. you will see the difference in your plant growth after using this light for just 2 weeks.

If your plants are struggling with growth then put them under this light it has everything that your plant needs to grow in all seasons. The reason is plant growth is depending upon the light 90% of plant growth and health depends on the light that you are using to grow them. Whereas the remaining 10% includes nutrient supply, environment, care, growing experience.

Two modes to grow the healthy plant (VEG and BLOOM).

Solid body made with aluminum and in-built heat sinks that throw out the heat but do not let the insects set inside the LED light. The high-speed noiseless cooling fan which makes internal component temperature constant (under normal level).

As you can see in the picture the light looks like strong high power light and in actual yes. It is high power light with a metal body which increases its lifespan. Use it to replace your older technology (HPS bulb). They consume high electric energy and you receive high electric bills this also increases the production cost. This is the reason that today’s growers prefer to use LED lighting technology over traditional growing lighting methods.

It only consumes 285 watts of electricity which is a huge saving as compared to the HPS bulbs. Moreover, the LED lighting has a very long lifespan and you will be surprised to know that this special light also has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours which is more than enough.

Use it to cover 3×3 feet area only if you hang it at the height of 24 inches.

120 pieces of 5-watt high quality (Epileds and Bridgelux)LEDs make it powerful light to grow any type of the plant at any time of the season. It looks heavy but it is not only 13 pounds in total weight.


The good news is the manufacturer gives you complete control over the full spectrum of light you can use Red, White and Blue light according to your best of knowledge. Learn about the plants and grow lights before using such lights that have different switches like this one.

Same as other 3-years warranty with 30 days of a money-back guarantee.

In the box you will receive 2xPAR 600W light, hanging kits, adjustable rope to hand lights and 6 feet power cord. For extra convenience control it by the timer.


More than 60 % cooler than other lights

No ballast required

Easily controlled by the timer

3 switches for full control

Aluminum made body



Not suitable for outdoor use


juhang grow light

Juhang makes well balanced led grow lights. They are famous for their effective products. They do not make false claims in their product promotions. 60 pieces of 10 w LEDs are used to give 600 W of power. To make full spectrum more effective than ever before they use 39 pieces of RED Diodes, 11 pieces of blue, 4 pieces of yellow, 4 pieces warm white and 1-piece UV and IR each.

Balanced use of diodes is very important to make any full spectrum light. it is not just implanting the diodes on the mother chip and full spectrum light is ready. Firstly, manufacturers designed the layout according to the quality and power of LED diodes which they are going to use in their grow light. then they do many lab tests to check the efficiency if anything goes not per the plan they re-design everything.

In this case, the company designs their grow light in an effective way to give 100% of benefits to users without wasting any part of the light.  The lifespan is not very impressive which is only 50,000 hours (enough for beginners or a small growing area).

If lifespan is your first demand than we have many other lights on the list which have twice lifespan than this one. Remember only a perfect light can give you better and fast growth. Every other light in the market is not perfect for growing plants. So, choose wisely and use it for many years.

High efficiency and energy-saving light in the market. It only consumes 120 W but emits a full 600 W in all weather conditions.

The best part is with this light you are getting 24/7 after-sales customer support service. Whenever you find any difficulty with this light call their customer care number one of their technicians will answer your call.

2-years warranty but no trial period or money-back guarantee.

Hang it above the plants at a height of 1.2 to 2 meters for maximum coverage. Do not operate it in wet conditions as this is not a waterproof light wet condition that may damage the internal parts.


New technology

10w LEDs

Energy efficient


Double cooling fans

Full spectrum

Better design


Not Waterproof


growstar LED grow light

Growstar is a well-known brand in the grower’s community of USA. They are serving the county for a year. They make excellent products that people and get at an affordable cost. Their motive is providing the best technology at reasonable rates to everyone.

All their products are high standard products. People find them very useful in growing vegetables and herbs this is the reason that they are the best seller on Amazon and other online shopping sites.

5w Epileds are used to make this light these are not ordinary LEDs. They are specially made for a special purpose only like indoor growing. Many growers want to grow lights with Epileds LEDs but they cannot afford it due to their high price tag. On the other hand, grow star makes it easy for everyone to afford the best technology.

It gives extreme bright light and it is advised to do not see directly into the light when it is turned on. This will damage your vision temporary or permanently. Use sunglasses when working around this light.

Some precautions:

Do not touch it when it is on

Do not move while the light is in running mode

Do not open the outer case unless you are a technician

Keep away from the reach of children

It can work continuously for 18 hours without causing any problem. The big cooling fans keep it cool for an entire operating cycle. This also increases the lifespan of light and does not let the efficiency to drop.

Noise-less double fans which exhaust the heat waves from the light. you can use it in any weather condition it has its safety system.

The best part

The best thing about this light is you can replace your 1000 watt HPS bulb with this piece of grow light. it only consumes 250 watts means low energy bills and high savings. Perfect to cover the 6×6 area in the vegetative stage and 4×4 space during flowering.

Work Volatage:50/60Hz
Input Voltage:AC85-260V
LED Quantity:120pcs
Wide beam angle:90 degrees
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours


Wide area coverage

Replace 1000-watt HPS bulb

Based on the latest design

Energy efficient than HPS bulbs

Best for fruits and vegetables


Nothing is mentioned about the Warranty


600 watt LED grow light

Now, this is something called an exceptional piece of light. 10 watt LEDs are used instead of 3 or 5 w. the reason is higher wattage LEDs give the constant high intensity of light. They make a balance between PAR/Lumen output. Moreover, this also increases the coverage area which is a good thing to have a large coverage area covered by a grow light.

Yearld Led Grow lights are engineered in a scientific way so that they give their 100% performance and help the users to grow any kind of plant as fast as possible without any disease.

100 W energy consumption is nothing if you see the benefits of this light. it is the full spectrum 600 watts grow light in the USA that people like to use for their indoor gardens. Another reason behind the high demand for the product is it is quite affordable.

There are tons of best grow lights in the market but most of them are costly and 60% of manufacturers do not give a money-back guarantee or warranty for any part.

Whereas in this case, the company is giving you free shipping, and 2 years of long-term warranty on all parts of the light. Above all this, they give one 1month of the trial period (money back guarantee).

RED, BLUE YELLOW WHITE, UV, AND IR diodes are present to give high-quality light to stimulate plant growth at all stages. This also increases the chances of having more yield but to increase the yield by 100% you need to give organic nutrients to your plants. Only light will not give you a heavy yield but yes, it can increase it to a good level.

Yearld uses different methods to cool down its integrated diodes. They use resistance wiring around each diode so that the temperature of one does not affect the others. Also, two high-speed fans are given to flush out the heat energy, to save internal light components.

Fans operate at very high speed but the good thing is they are noiseless (holes on a LED case are given to let the cool air in)


Do not look directly toward the light

For indoor use only

Hang it between 12- 30 inches

UV and IR diodes look dim but the fully functional

Coverage area: 3.4×3.8 feet

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Continuous operation: 18 hours


30 days guarantee

10 w LED diodes

Reasonable price

Easily available

High power light

Highly efficient


For indoor use only

All the above-listed lights are quality light choose according to your plant needs. Every light has its advantages and negative points. Some of the lights are waterproof which you can use outside while others are specially made for indoor use only.

Our experts spend more than 72 hours to make this list of the best 600 watts led grow light. As we already mentioned that plant growth depends upon the quality of grow light. Choose high-quality lights only you are spending money on nutrients, plant seeds, pots, soil, etc and if your grow light does not work than your all spending will become zero.

Beginners find it difficult to deal with high-power grow lights because they do not have enough experience. For any type of question or advice check our site we have everything on the site that you want to know or which is useful in indoor growing.

If you have some other query or want to know something about the indoor growing process which is not listed on our site you can send us we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

Hope this article helps you to understand indoor growing better and also help you in selecting high power to grow lights.  If you are using some other brand of light that you find very useful send us an email we will add it in our list with  brief review and also mentioned your name.