Cannabis plants are easy to grow in almost all climate conditions. Cannabis plants that you grow at home or outside your home in Canada are different from the plant that normally found on the Mountains.

Where they reach up to the 11 feet in height with very big buds. You can’t grow wild marijuana at home. you have better options than that.

For BIG Buds: Don’t make the following mistakes,

Most of the new growers make stupid mistakes and they blame the plant genes and nutrients when they failed in Cannabis growing.

Below is the list of 5 most common mistakes made by beginners that need to be avoided to grow healthy marijuana at home.

Excess Use of Nutrients

This is the most common mistake made by almost every new grower. A high dosage of nutrients doesn’t mean that your plants will grow quickly. Cannabis plants take their time to grow healthy and to produce a good amount of buds. 

 Before using nutrients read the instructions carefully that are written on the backside of the nutrient bottle or bag.

Let’s say the bottle says to mix 2 tablespoons of nutrient material in 4 gallons of water. You need to cut it to half and mix only 1 spoon and see if your plant can handle it. Means if the plant shows nutrient deficiency (bent leaf tips, purple color stem, etc) and pH is in the correct range then slowly increase the nutrient amount.

If it shows the overfeeding signs reduce the number of nutrients that you usually mix into the water to form a nutrient solution.

In hydroponics we use synthetic nutrients, this increases the chances of nutrient burn. Because hydroponic nutrients are a highly concentrated form of nutrients. If not mixed in the correct ratio with water, can burn your plant for sure.

On the other hand, organic nutrients are not recommended for hydroponics. Because organic nutrients have many organic matters these tiny particles can clog your system. Moreover, organic nutrients need a colony of bacteria that breaks down the nutrients and make them available for plants. These bacteria release a very bad smell that you do not want to be spread all over your place.

They are good to be used in soil to increase the fertility of it. Organic nutrients release minerals and vitamins at a very slow rate. But this does not mean overdosage cannot burn your plant.

Remember overfeeding cannot kill your plant but it affects its growth, overall health and amount of yield.

Disturbed pH Level

pH decides the health of your plant because if the pH of water and nutrient solution that you are using in not in the range of 5.5 to 6.8. Your plants will not grow healthy due to the nutrient block.

High pH means water is too alkaline and low means it is acidic. In both, the conditions plant roots became unable to absorb nutrients and this leads to insufficient growth and death of cannabis in many cases.

To avoid such conditions first time growers are highly advised to check the pH of the water and hydroponic nutrient solution every single day. If possible, check it first in the morning and then in the evening. The slight fluctuation of 0.5 points is ok because pH changes when plants absorb certain nutrients in high amount than others.

In hydroponics system recommended pH is 5.5 to 6.5

In soil, it varies from 6.0 to 7.0

In 98% of the cases, the nutrient deficiency is a problem caused by incorrect pH level.

To measure the pH accurately please use Digital pH meters only. You can find hundreds of new models at an affordable cost on Amazon. To buy branded and tested pH meter visit our list of Best pH meters for all plants.

Poor Light

Some over-smart beginners thing they can use reading lights, single incandescent bulbs, or they can grow cannabis plants at the window shelf. If you are a serious grower don’t do thing like this. This way you can waste your cannabis seeds, money and time because without the right knowledge and equipment you cannot grow a single plant.

For cannabis gardening, High-intensity bright light is a must to producing big buds. But this does not mean you go out and buy a 1000 Watt HPS grow light for your small growing area.

How to Measure the light, your plant is receiving

I advise new growers to use LED grow lights for cannabis growing. Because this is a one-time investment and you can use LED Grow lights to grow all types of fruits and vegetables including cannabis plants.

Secondly, you need to be careful while hanging the grow light over the plant. Do not hang light too close to the plant this will burn the plant in a few hours. On the other hand, if the light is too far from the plant your plant will not get a sufficient amount of light. In both cases, your cannabis will not produce flowers.

So, try to keep the distance between the pant and light according to the wattage of light. Roughly 18 inches to 24 inches distance is suggested between plant and light. To know exactly how high, you need to hang your light check your grow light manual. Every light has different distance recommendations between plant and light.

Over Watering

Most of us think that plants need sunshine and water daily. But this is not 100% true, they do need sunshine daily but not water. Excess water can cause root rot or even kill your plant. So be careful while watering your cannabis.

You need to check the conditions of your pant and soil before giving it water. A simple technique that helps you prevents overwatering is to check moisture in the soil by your finger. If your feel soil is wet, do not give water to cannabis even the upper half-inch layer of soil looks dry.

Learn How Water Cannabis for Big Buds

Secondly, you can use the self-watering planters. But the best way to avoid this condition is the use of a growing medium like coco coir. Coco coir is a substance that has the ability to hold the water content in it for a long time.

In hydroponic you can use coco coir directly in the system and for the soil, you can mix it with the soil to make the good potting mixture.

Note: None of the plants needs water daily even if you are growing them in the hot summer.

Poor Climate Conditions

Climate is an important factor when growing cannabis indoors, outdoors or even in greenhouses. Correct temperature range and humidity level are the two most important things that affect the quality and taste of cannabis buds.

First talk about temperature. Uncontrolled temperature can stunt your plant’s growth because too cold and too hot temperatures are deadly for your cannabis plant.

 On the other hand, too hot weather causes heat stress on your plant. Heat stress signs are, curled leaf tips, Half folded leaf, weak and tired plant.

If you will not correct the temperature conditions then your plant surely dies in 10 to 15 days.

Cannabis is a hard pant that means it can handle extreme temperature changes but not continuously. Keeping the temperature around 70 to 75 degrees F is perfect for cannabis gardening.

Cannabis is not a tropical plant so you need to keep the humidity level low. High humid levels invite many diseases like fungus, mold and also decompose the material around the plant. This increases the chances of bacterial infection.

While germinating cannabis seeds, high humidity is a must and as the plant grows it needs low humidity. Use humidity controllers if you have humidity issues in your grow room or simply install intake and outtake fans to maintain the fresh airflow.