You are a few steps away from your best 1000 watt led grow lights.

We know it is confusing to choose 1000 watt grow lights from hundreds of models. Spend your money wisely and choose the best products.

A 1000-watt light will be expensive for sure and do not buy without reading reviews on the web.

Today we have selected few of the all-time best 1000 watt LED grow lights.

Read our full review and find out which light will suit your needs. You are the person who knows your indoor garden best.

Read carefully and choose the top-rated product without spending a high amount of money on just grow lights. There is much other indoor growing equipment that you need to buy to start indoor growing. Save some money by choosing the affordable and the best 1000-watt grow lights available on Amazon in the best price range.

King Plus LED Grow Light

1000 watt led grow light

King plus 1000 watt led grow lights are on the top position in our list. It is the best 1000 watt energy efficient grow light. 10 W LEDs are used to manufacture each piece. It emits a very bright light that is required for fast growth.

These LEDs are much efficient and brighter than 3 W and 5W LED lights.

Do not worry about the electricity bills because the good news is it only consumes 185 watts of power and emit a complete 1000 watt of full-spectrum bright light.

Voltage range 85V to 265 V (worldwide).

Red, Yellow, Blue, IR, White and UV light is enough to grow any type of plant and herb in any season. Light is everything when we want to grow plants without sunlight in our basements or rooms.

If you have a king plus LED light you do not need to worry about plant growth as it grows at a fast rate.

All LED lights are suitable for all different growing stages of a plant so as this light,

Another important thing to consider while buying 1000 Watt grow light is its cooling system. The manufacturer uses a hole at the back and on the sides of the light to keep the constant temperature.

The light does not need any additional cooling system as the designed is self-cooling and the high quality of material emits a negligible amount of heat energy.

You can easily run this light for 16 to 18 hours because none of the plants will need more light time than 18 hours. These are the maximum amount of time limit that you can give light to your indoor garden for photosynthesis. After this time, they need some rest like we need rest.

It can easily cover an area of about 3.5 to 3.8 ft. remember the height of the light is very important when you install a light over the plant. Do not hang grow light too close to the plant this will burn the leaves and if light too far then plant will not receive complete light of photosynthesis.

Buy this light without any risk as it is under manufacturer warranty from the first 3 years of use. Their customer service is working 24×7 if you have any issue with light just contact them, they will answer the query within 24 hours.

Overall the light is best and most efficient when compared to the other 1000-watt grow lights.


Extremely bright light


Energy saving

Plug and play

Easily controlled by the timer


For Indoor use only

Recordcent 1000 W indoor Grow Light

1000 watt LED grow light

Replace your 1000 watt HPS bulb with this new growing technology. It is more efficient and manageable as it can be controlled by the timer.

The light comes with a cheap price tag on Amazon but with high-quality material inside it.

Cheap lights do not mean always a low-quality product.

It only consumes 110 to 120 Watts of power which makes it highly energy-saving grow light in the market. The manufacturer aimed to develop Grow light which is quite affordable and emit extremely bright light.

They spend more than 8 years developing a unique product.

It only covers a 2.8×2.5 square feet area. We know it does not cover a large area but it is suitable for first-time growers. Beginners do not want to spend a large amount of money on growing lights. They want more and more in just dollars this is the reason that we add this light in our list.

The high-class material used by the manufacturer makes it highly durable light and this is the reason behind its sale.

This energy-saving light has 100 pieces of 5W LEDs in it to emit a full spectrum of light. it is much brighter than 1W and 3 W LEDs.

The purpose of light is to help plants in photosynthesis. This is the process through which they make their food and live long.

Two big cooling fans are installed in it by the manufacturer to keep the temperature low. Their operation is noise less you can’t even hear the noise in a silent room.

The company gives a long trial period of 4 months. If you don’t like the results or not satisfied with the light power or results send it back to the company and get a refund.


Low production cost

Professionally developed

Nice cooling system

Light weight

Best for beginners


Life span 35,0000 hours only

Dimgogo 1000 watt Light for indoor Gardening

1000 watt LED grow light

Top-rated product fromHigh-rated grow light on Amazon. Users are very happy with this light. In our garden, we have run it 20 hours with 4 hours off per day for more than one month and all parts of including LEDs (red, blue, white, IR and UV) are working fine.

We use it in a 4×4 grow tent and do not have any ventilation system in the tent. The best part is it does not produce any amount of heat.

It has all 10 W LEDs which are brighter than 5W and 3W LEDs. The light is designed by professionals who have years of experience in the indoor growing industry and we must say they design the best product.

When it comes to using high power grow lights people are scared of electricity bills but this light gives peace of mind. You can use it freely as it only consumes 185 watts of power this means huge savings on electricity bills as compared to old lighting technology.

Always prefer energy-saving lights they keep the production cost low.

We know many people who choose indoor growing as a carrier. They grow herbs and sell them at a high cost in the market.

People want fresh food to eat every day throughout the year. Indoor grow lights make you able to stand your business of selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for 365 days. People pay for fresh food.

Coming back to the light.

This light does not need any maintenance but high temperature can damage the internal components of light. To solve this problem the manufacturer, give two powerful cooling fans that maintain the temperature constant and increase the lifespan of the light.

Heat skin and cooling fans do not require any service or oiling. It is advised not to see directly towards the light while it is in operation. Doing this will damage your eyes permanently because it emits very bright light.

The company gives 30 days of money back guarantee and 3 years of warranty time.

Return it in 30 days to get a refund from the manufacturer.

It can easily cover the 3×3 grow area if it is installed at a height of 20 to 22 inches above the plant.

Read the reviews on Amazon and check the positive feedback of others who are using this grow light for many years before buying this cheap and best product.


Energy efficient


Long warranty

30days trail period


For indoor use only

Grow star 1000 watt super bright well-made grow light

1000 watt grow light

As the name suggests it is the star of indoor growing lights. The best 1000 watt LED grow lights selling online.

You do not any other light even similar to this online.

There is not much information about this light on Amazon but we are speaking from our own experience with this product.

In March 2018 we decide to use more powerful lights to grow many plants at the same time. We use 4 of these lights to cover our growing area.

We believe that this light works like others but in actual it is an extraordinary light. plants love this light even the plants around this light also enjoy it a lot.

We were surprised to see the results but before ordering 3 more light we decide to wait for at 2 months to check it completely.

The light was working fine it has a removable power cord which makes it easy to install even in corners. It is suitable for hydroponics, grow tents, grow rooms, grow cabinets, etc. you can use it anywhere you want it has super bright light.

The secret of bright light is its high power of 200 pieces of 5 W LEDs. The special design makes it more efficient as the optical lens reduces the light loss by 40 %. Lesser the light loss means more absorption which results in strong and fast growth.

380-760nm of full-spectrum light helps the plant to get complete food. Moreover, the IR and UV light help them to fight against diseases. UV and IR LEDs look like they are not working because they lit dimly but they are very powerful. Every IR and UV LED diode looks dim in every grow light.

400 watt is the power consumption for this light but it delivers full 1000 watts of bright light.

At present we have 4 grow star 1000 watt grow LED lights in our garden and are happy with the results. Plants that want to grow fast put under these lights and they grow as expected (very fast growth).

Get more yield at the end of the growing cycle. the yield of the plant is depending upon the quality of light that you are using to grow them. This light emits premium quality of light which goes deep inside the plant and promotes the flowering which gives more yield.

If you are moving to other parts of the world where different voltage is used do not worry the input light voltage is 100- 240 volts.

5-meter power cord length, 3 years warranty and 30 days of satisfaction or return guarantee.


Consume less power

High-quality light

3 years warranty

30 days money back guarantee

Super bright light

12 band full spectrum


Not waterproof

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Bestva LED Grow Light

1000 watt indoor grow light

This is a technically advanced grow light among other 1000 Watt LED grow lights. It uses dual-chip technology which is new in the market.

This new type of mother chip makes it extra brighter light as compared to other LED grow lights of this power range. There are no benefits in using low power LED grow lights they do not give results.

Plants like bright light including UV and IR rays. This product is an excellent piece of engineering that has everything that your plant needs to grow healthy and fast. The deep light penetration technology stimulates plant growth and gives fast growth in a few days of use.

Do not need to buy any other lighting technology if you have this piece of indoor grow light. it emits full-spectrum light just like sunshine. Plants cannot make a difference between sunlight and artificial grow light.

But they do not like cheap grow lights because they emit a false spectrum of light that is not complete.

High power lights always need the best cooling system and the manufacturer give high-speed cooling fans in this indoor grow light to make it cool in all weather conditions.

It emits 1000 watts of light but only consumes 185 w of power. Which lowers your energy consumption? Bestva’s research and development team develop this light in their lab after the years of research.

Bestva 1000W grow light has 100 pieces of 10W light-emitting diodes. The working temperature of light is under the 68 to 104-degree Fahrenheit so no need to worry about it.

We all know this is a big brand when it comes to indoor grow lights.

The manufacturer gives 3 years of warranty and 1 month of the trial period. If you do not get satisfied with the results you can send it back for a refund.


No extra ballast needed

Easily controlled by a timer

3 years warranty

30 days money back guarantee


Not waterproof

Holland star High power Light

hollandstar led grow light

Spend less on your electricity cost and get a higher yield with this improved design. Holland star is a big brand in the artificial grow lights industry. They develop this piece after long research.

It has an aluminum heat sink and big noiseless cooling fans which keep the light temperature low and enhance the performance.

For vegetative stage use it at the height of 24 inches where it covers the total area of 4×4. In the flowering stage hang it at the 18 inches above the plant and it covers the 3×3 growing area.

An indoor grow light that is suitable to use anywhere (grow rooms, grow tents, etc).

The good news is it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours which is more than enough. Always use grow light with care because they are costly. G1000 is perfect for beginners as well as experienced growers.

It only consumes 180 watts of power and gives super bright light like sunshine. A full spectrum of light boosts the photosynthesis process which results in more yield and stronger plants.

Users said they observe a sudden boost in the health of their plants. 80% of users recommend this light above all other 600 Watt LED grow lights.

In the beginning, people do not want to spend lots of money on growing tools so this light is perfect for them. Just pay a few bucks and have a quality piece of grow light.

Holland star builds high quality indoor grow lights for plants. They aim to give the best quality at an affordable cost so that everyone can afford a high-quality product.

There is a protection unit in the motherboard which protects the light from overheating. Suppose due to some reason fans suddenly stops working and the temperature of light is increasing every hour and when it goes beyond the limit than the protection unit gets activate and turn off the light automatically.

You can control this light by using any kind of timer. It is best to use a timer if you do not have enough time for your plant you are new to indoor growing.

Do not look directly towards the light this will cause damage to your eyes. For eye protection use good sunglasses.

The manufacturer offers 30 days of money-back guarantee with 3 years of warranty.


Good quality

Energy-saving light

Easily available

Super bright light

Longer working




Summing up, the above-mentioned lights are the best 1000 Watt grow lights for indoor gardening. There are many other brands but we did not find anything special in them.

These lights are used by thousands of indoor growers all over the world.

While choosing these lights we consider everything budget, quality, warranty, lifespan, and light absorption rate.

We encourage you to choose according to your budget and needs.

Our experts found Bestva 1000 W and King plus 1000 W best to grow any plant. These are not very costly and has excellent feature and tested by the millions of users over the globe.

Now we want to hear from you which light you find useful, tell us in the comment section.