• Philodendron Eva Care: A Detailed Guide…
    Philodendron Eva is a plant that grows beautiful long green leaves. It needs minimal care to grow and you can grow it in dark corners. Just use 250 watts of grow light and grow it anywhere you want. The main issue with this plant is its delicate leaves. They cannot tolerate sharp light so keep … Read more
  • Philodendron Esmeraldense Care Guide & Common Problems
    Philodendron Esmeraldense is a gorgeous houseplant. It is famous for its unique large size leaves. It looks nice in indoor gardens and office buildings. Indirect sunrays are recommended for its proper growth. Fast-draining soil with some organic ingredients is best to use. Fertilize it once a month only in its growing season. Winter is dormancy … Read more
  • Philodendron Elegans: A Skeleton Key Philodendron
    Philodendron Elegans is a multi-lobed rare tropical plant. It can be easily grown in medium-light areas without sunlight. In dark corners use a grow light to full fill its light needs. Indirect bright light is required for full photosynthesis and the production of plant glucose. Nitrogen is the main nutrient for this plant. It is … Read more
  • Philodendron Dodsonii: Complete Care Guide with Propagation
    Philodendron Dodsonii adds nice greenery to a growing place. You can grow it in your home or in your office building. It grows medium size green leaves. Its dark green leaves look very beautiful in daylight. Medium bright light, moist soil, and light fertilizers are important growing needs. It can survive in moderate home humidity. … Read more
  • Philodendron Deflexum Care: A Philodendron Megalophyllum
    I am a big fan of large foliage plants and Philodendron Deflexum is one of them. It is easy to grow in an indoor space. Deflexum needs moderate watering and bright light. To grow its large-size leaves, this plant needs lots of nutrients. You have to use fertilizer supplements to keep its leaves shining, bright … Read more
  • Philodendron Crassinervium:Complete Care Guide & Propagation
    Philodendron Crassinervium is not a popular plant. It is less common in indoor gardens but grows very beautiful sleek leaves. Most philodendrons grow wide leaves in different shapes. Only a few philodendrons grow long leaves not more than 2 inches wide. They are hard to find in garden stores but are not very expensive. If … Read more
  • Philodendron Ernestii Plant Care and Growing Hacks
    If you are interested in adding some ornamental plants to your garden. Then go for this Philodendron Ernestii. Ernestii is a South American plant and it can easily adapt to the indoor growing environment. Philodendron Ernestii plants growing in plant pots stays short in height. Because for full growth it needs proper humidity which is … Read more
  • Philodendron Cherry Red: A Red Leaf Philodendron Care Guide
    If you like plants that grow multi-color foliage then choose Philodendron Cherry Red. It is a philodendron that grows green leaves, lime-yellow and red leaves. This is a short-height plant and you can easily make it a tabletop. Semi-shade is necessary to maintain sunburn protection. The best part is you can grow it even in … Read more
  • Philodendron Camposportoanum Care Guide: Growing Hacks
    Choose Philodendron Camposportoanum if you want the best philodendron plant. It changes its leaf color as it grows mature. This gives it an excellent shining look. I have 4 pots of this hammer leave philodendron. It needs moderate bright light and nice moisturized soil for 365 days. Philo Campos leaves turn dark green if you … Read more
  • Philodendron Caramel Marble Care Secrets
    Philodendron Caramel Marble as the name suggests, it grows leaves with a marble pattern. The combination of green and caramel leaves gives it extraordinary look. Only green leaves develop marble strokes on their front portion. 20% of its leaves will turn caramel. It is a moderate-growing plant with medium height. Caramel Marble needs bright light … Read more
  • Philodendron Callosum Care and Common Problems
    Philodendron Callosum is the perfect plant for new gardeners. The normal environment of a house is perfect for this plant. It needs less bright light, moderate water, and normal humidity to grow. It is different from other philodendrons. It does not have very appealing and unique looks. But you can add enough greenery to your … Read more
  • How to Grow and Care for Philodendron Bicolor plants?
    Philodendron Bicolor is an expensive rare plant. As the name suggests it grows dual-colored leaves. The combination of dark green and light green leaves looks magnificent. If you are interested in this philodendron then keep in mind that it needs bright light for 6 to 7 hours. High humidity, fluffy potting soil, and constant warm … Read more
  • Philodendron Balaoanum Care: Genuine Care Tips
    I am growing this plant because Philodendron Balaoanum is an extraordinary philodendron. It is well known for its unique shape leaves and bright green color. You can grow it in any type of indoor environment as long as the light is appropriate. Do not expect flowers from this plant. It needs high humidity above 75 … Read more
  • Philodendron Bernardopazii Care guide: Expert Tips
    If you are looking for foliage plants to decorate your space. Then you must go for this Philodendron Bernardopazii. This philodendron grows beautiful glossy long leaves. The good news is you can grow this plant in any part of your home. Because it needs less light than most tropical plants. Below is the complete information … Read more
  • Philodendron Atom Care, Propagation & Problems
    If you are new to houseplants then start your journey from Philodendron Atom. It is an easy-to-grow plant for all levels of gardeners. It grows shining waxy leaves, which give it a fresh tropical look. It needs filtered light, moist soil, and moderate watering for thriving. Waxy green leaves need high humidity for shine. Let’s … Read more
  • Philodendron Asplundii Care Guide & Troubleshooting
    If you are looking for a unique philodendron that is not very common. Then Philodendron Asplundii must be your choice. Because this philodendron is hard to find in garden stores. Only a few luckies see this plant in their life. Today I’ll explain how you can grow this plant without damaging it. What are its … Read more
  • Philodendron Melanoneuron Care: Expert Tips & Hacks
    The glossy leaves of Philodendron Melanoneuron make it unique and easy to care for. This philodendron plant also grows flowers in cluster form. But they are not very beautiful, I have this plant in my room because of its beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Normally it needs indirect bright light, moderate water, and all-purpose fertilizer. To keep … Read more
  • How to Grow Philodendron Nangaritense Indoors?
    This decorative philodendron grows shining green leaves on red stems. This makes it a rare and expensive plant. It is not easily available in garden stores. If you want to add it to your indoor garden you have to search for it online. I have paid $65 for a young Philodendron Nangaritense. I received it … Read more
  • Philodendron Royal Queen Care: Darkest Aroid
    Philodendron Royal Queen is a less expensive rare houseplant. It changes its leaves color 3 times in its lifespan. This feature makes it unique from other philodendrons. Today you’ll learn how to grow and care for Royal Queen Philodendron, how to propagate it, and fertilize it. Generally, it needs moderate light, occasional fertilizers, regular water, … Read more
  • Philodendron Lupinum Care Guide: Proven Growing Tips
    Philodendron Lupinum is an expensive tropical houseplant. Most plant lover wants to grow it. If you too want to add it in your indoor plant collection. But are confused about its growing needs. And don’t want it to die due to any negligence in its care. Then this post will help you to grow your … Read more