Best LED Grow Lights for your Indoor Grow Rooms

If you always like to eat fresh organic food the only possible way is to grow it at your home.

It does not matter you have a big backyard or living in the Apartment you can grow vegetables at home. Give you plants plenty of light, water, fertilizer, and a good environment to grow.

In backyard gardening, they receive light from the SUN but in an apartment, you have to arrange a good amount of bright light for them. 

You can supply them water, fertilizers, and whatever they need but how you arrange the Light.

The answer is,

by using Grow lights and the most advanced and cost-effective lighting technology is LED grow lights. 

Below are budget-friendly, easy to use with No maintenance LED grow lights for growing plants inside your home.

Finding a perfect LED grow light for your growing plants is not an easy task. Our experts will help you choose the best LED grow lights for your plants.

Keep reading to know Everything about LED GROW LIGHTs like Efficiency, types, Power, Benefits, etc.

Thousands of grow lights are available in the LED Grow light market all are not effective and affordable. Today we will suggest some of the affordable and best led grow lights in the USA and Canada for indoor planting.

Let’s start the review and find out the most affordable and reliable grow light for your indoor plants.

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Ask Yourself Before Buying a Grow Light.

How much money do you want to spend on a grow light?

How much area do you want to cover with a single grow light?

What kind of features do you want?

What power rating is best for your plant?

Warranty of the product

Am I choosing a full spectrum of light?

Is it costly than the other reputed brands?

An angle of the lens

Waterproof grow light or no waterproof growing light

What is the average Life span of grow light?

All-Time Best LED grow lights


indoor plant lights canada

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Vivosun is the most trusted and reliable brand of indoor gardening equipment. This has everything for better growth, This full spectrum grow light is best to use for growing vegetables at home. Do not use it for Germination and Seedlings because it is a high power 600 Watt grow light. 


 Your seedlings cannot tolerate the brightness of the light. It takes 269 Watts of energy to produce 600 Watt of high bright light. Save your money for the next batch of growing. No other manufacturers have grow lights that consume less power and emit a full spectrum of high bright light. 

 This is the second-biggest seller of grow lights in Canada after Platinum grow lights.

The best part is,

You can replace Your 600W  HID bulb with vivosun 600-watt reflector series grow light and save a huge amount on the electricity bill.

Moreover, this light covers 3×3’ vegetative coverage at a distance of 32inches. 2.5×2.5 this is flowering coverage at eh distance of 22inches.

Great satisfaction rate with 3 years of manufacturer warranty and 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.

Important points:

The product is not waterproof so use it carefully while near water or wet surfaces.

For indoor use only.

Keep the surrounding temperature below 40 degrees.

No extra ballast is needed.

A great option to control by the timer.

Wear your safety glasses to protect your eyes from bright light.

Many of our readers find platinum light very useful so we decide to research them and today we are going to highlight them ( only which are the best). below given platinum grow lights are tested by our users and us in different conditions. We choose them based on their results. These are popular in the community of indoor growers and are also easily available

Using Suggestions

Young VEG Stage

Hang it 40 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 18 Hours


VEG Stage

Hang it 28 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 16 Hours


Flowering Stage

Hang it 18 to 24 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 Hours



Max Coverage 3×3 veg, 2.5×2.5 feet Bloom
Model Viparspectra 600W UL Certified
Power 600 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Weight 11.6 lbs
Hanging Distance 28 to 40 inches
Dimension 15.3×12.8×3 inches
LED 5w (High Intensity)
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>

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Viparspectra 1200W UL Certified LED grow light

viparspectra led grow lights

If you are growing multiple plants at home for selling them in the market for profit. You need a Grow light that reduces your operating costs and you get the finished product at a low cost.

This light is suitable to grow all types of Organic herbs like basil, mint, etc and houseplants like Peace lily, orchid, etc.

I am growing Lettuce and strawberries under this V1200 LED grow light and it works fine. It speeds up the growth of plants especially small plants like lettuce, tomatoes, and other similar plants.

A single unit of light is enough to grow multiple medicinal plants at home. It is a good idea to get some passive income by growing and selling medicinal plants in the market.

Moreover, it has two different switches one is called VEG switch other is the BLOOM switch. Use Veg switch to develop seedlings (it has more blue light) and turn ON the BLOOM switch (more red light) to encourage flowers.

When the plants are in the developing stage (Vegetative stage) turn ON both the VEG and BLOOM switches. When both are ON light emits the full spectrum of light.

The light comes with 2 years of Warranty and 30 days of a money-back guarantee. If any part of the light stops working you have a warranty card. The manufacturer will fix it for you for free.


If you don’t like the way it works and wants your money back you can return it in 30 days. Your money will be refunded to your account.

Using Suggestions

Young VEG Stage

Hang it 40 to 44 inches above the canopy

12 hrs ON and 12 hrs OFF

Veg ON and Bloom OFF

Vegetative Stage

Hang at 32- 40 inches above the canopy

18 hrs ON and 6 hrs OFF

Veg ON and Bloom ON

Flowering Stage

Hang at 24 to 28 inches above the canopy

12 hrs ON and 12 hrs OFF

Veg ON and Bloom ON


Max Coverage 4.5×4.5, 3.5×3.5 feet
Model V 1200
Power 1200 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 100000 hrs
Weight 20lbs
Replaces 800 Watt HPS/MH
Dimension 19.4×19.4×3 Inches
LED 5w
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>

32 inches it covers the total area of 4.5’ x 4.5’

24 inches it covers the 3.5’ x3.5’

Note: It is a strong light when using it for seedlings hand it above the 44 inches of height.

Roleardo LED grow light for all types of Plants

best led grow lights

Roleardo 1000W grow light can be used to grow all types of short and medium plants. Increase your yield by up to 30 % by using this particular model of light. Because it has more RED light and red light is required for the flowering stage.

More RED light emitting diodes = More flowers = higher yield = low production cost

The advanced cooling system protects your plants from heat strokes. No doubt every light produces some amount of heat while in operation. Roleardo 1000 Watts also produces heat because it has more RED lights.

Therefore, it comes with a smart temperature controlling chip that controls the temperature of light and the amount of released heat.

2 high speed cooling fans + aluminium heat skin + temperature controller chip, all three works together to control the heat inside the lamp.

Remember that a strong cooling system is a must for long service life grow light. It cools the internal components of light and increases their life span.

What makes it better?

LED bead and Zener design, makes it different and better than other reflector series plant lights. Because in our test we have found that plastic of reflector series lights starts melting at 70 degrees. This is a dangerous situation for the growers themselves and plants.

In the case of this light, you can use it in any high-temperature range.

The problem is,

The green light zone is a little over powerful for seedlings. My bell pepper seedlings didn’t do well under this light. So, I shifted them under the CFL light. After 15 days I again transferred them under this light and they show impressive growth in just 5 days.

Overall, it is perfect for growing any type of plant at home. But be careful in the seedling stage because seedlings cannot tolerate the high bright light of this grow light.

Using Suggestions

Young Veg stage

Hang it 40 to 47 inches above the plant

8 to 12 hours ON per day


VEG Stage

Hang it 18 to 24 inches above

Turn it ON for 12 to 14 hours per day


Flowering Stage

14 to 18 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 to 16 hours per day



Max Coverage 2×2, 3×3 feet
Model Roleadro LED
Power 100 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 50000 hrs
Weight 8lbs
Replaces 800 Watt HPS/MH 
Dimension 12.1×8.2×2.4 Inches
LED 10w
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz<>

The product is backed by 30 months of warranty. When you feel you need any assistance with the light contact the manufacturer or contact us.

Philizon 1500W full spectrum grow light – New Model

best plant grow light

Philizon 1500 watts grow light is specially made for growing multiple plants in grow tents. If you have a grow tent and want to grow 2 or more plants at the same time this light is for you. Hang this low weight full spectrum LED grow light over the plants. You will be surprised by the results. It emits the light wavelength similar to the sun (12 bands full spectrum light).

IR, UV rays prevent the growth of fungus and also save your plants from other deadly diseases.

1500 watts is a huge power and you can grow any plant but what about the seedlings (the initial process).

The good news

Where you cannot use other high-end lights for germination and seedlings. This light is perfect to grow any plant from seed to harvest. Yes, it has all 10W powerful diodes but the advanced design allows you to use it even for germinating seeds.

Just hang it 30 inches above to germinate seeds and 24 inches above the canopy for seedlings.

NO Separate VEG and BLOOM Switches only single switch to turn it ON. All you need to do is adjust the height in different growth stages.

24 months warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee comes on the product.

Using Suggestions

Young veg stage

Hang it 24 to 28 inches above the plant

12 to 15 hrs per day


VEG Stage

Hang it 18 to 24 inches above the plant canopy

12 to 16 hours per day


Flowering Stage

Hang it 18 inches above the plant

9 to 10 hours per day



Max Coverage 2.5×2.5, 3.3×3.3 feet
Model Phlizon 1500W
Power 1500 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 50000 hrs
Weight 6.2lbs
Replaces 1000 Watt HPS/MH
Dimension 15.7×8.3×2.4 Inches
LED 10w
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>

Kingplus 1000 W Double Chip Grow Light

king led

Before buying king LED I was using $50 Home depot grow light. It was not doing well then, I Brought this High-power light. Because I was searching for a product that can be used in the entire winter season and keep my plants growing.

King plus Grow lights deliver their promise by increasing my yield to 35 % than the last harvest. It is 1000x brighter and stronger than my old home depot grow light.

Like other grow lights it also has VEG and BLOOM switch and emits a full spectrum of light.

The difference is in the quality of the product. I am sure your plants will love this light because 97% of users are happy with the results. All of them are growing different plants. IF you don’t trust go to amazon and see the reviews and customer ratings.

Moreover, it has a more life span than the similar light of other brands. The reason behind this is it has good cooling ventilation and a strong cooling system. This keeps the internal temperature of components under the 55 Degrees F. Where other lights operate at 70 F or above.

No matter you are growing lettuce, mint, cucumbers, peppers, lemon, etc. It is able to grow all of them from seeds to a big healthy plant.

3 years of warranty and 90 days of free return give you peace of mind. If anything happens to this light company is there to fix it for free.

Also good for Germination and Seedlings.

Using Suggestions

Young veg stage

 Hang it at 30 inches above

Turn it on for 8 to 10 hrs per day


Veg Stage

Hang it 18 to 24 inches above the plant canopy

Turn it on for 12 to 16 hours per day


Flowering Stage
Hang it 14 to 16 inches above

Turn it ON for 9 to 12 hrs per day



Max Coverage 3.2×4.8 feet
Power 1000 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 100000 hrs
Weight 8lbs
Replaces 600 Watt HPS/MH
Dimension 12.2×8.2×2.3 Inches
LED 10w
Input Voltage AC 85-265V, 50-60Hz<>

Bestva 1000W infrared grow light

grow lights canada

It easily covers the 4.5×4.5 feet area so you can use it in your grow tent. Change your old 600 Watts HPS/MH grow light.

It covers the double area than the reflector series lights at the height of 24 inches which is suitable for germination and seedlings.

Bestva is a reputed brand in the market they make high-quality products. This light consumes 185 watts of power means low electric bill.

Because it is a high-power light so it needs a strong cooling system. Therefore, the manufacture uses 3mm thick aluminium plate. The function of this plate is to save your grow light from the excess of heat.

Combination with this plate two high speed cooling fans are there to keep the temperature under control.

3 years of warranty and 90 days of money-back guarantee.

Using Suggestions

Young Veg Stage

Hang it 26 to 30 inches above

15 to 18 hrs per day


VEG Stage

Hang it 20 to 26 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 15 to 18 hrs per day

Flowering Stage

Hang it 18 to 21 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 to 14 hrs per day



Max Coverage 5.1×4.7 Feet
Model Bestva DC 1000W
Power 1000 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 100000 hrs
Weight 8lbs
Replaces 600 Watt HPS/MH
Dimension 12.2×8.2×2.3 Inches
LED 10w
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>

Platinum series is a reliable company making durable grow lights by using all parts made in the USA. There is no doubt in the quality and reliability of these lights only genuine components are used to make every light. The company believes in higher customer satisfaction.

If the diamond series is out of your budget you can choose these: Platinum Series P900, P600, and P300.


platinum-LED-grow-light for indoor garden

This one of our favorite light. We are using it for 14 months and the results are amazing. Growers will agree that it has the highest PAR/LUMEN output.

You can only use it on the 5 to 8 plants as it only covers the area of 2 by 5 feet. Again you will find two switches on one side like other lights Veg and bloom.

If you have 800 HPS system our advice is to replace it with this latest technology you will not regret your decision. The product is backed by 5 years of long-term warranty and 90 days of the return policy.

Complete light spectrum for every type of plant just plug and play technology.

3 watt LEDs are used to give the bright light of the right wavelength so that light easily gets enter into the leaves and feeds your plants what they need. The platinum series use a power fan so that your plants do not get burn ( maximize safety).


Max Coverage 6×3.75 feet
Model Advanced Platinum Series
Power 600 watts
Spectrum 12 band Full spectrum
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Weight 24 lbs
Hanging Distance 18”
Size 36Lx8Wx3H
LED 3w (High Intensity)
Input Voltage AC 85-260V


platinum grow lights

Now, this is the light for beginners or low budget light but this does not mean it is not effective. Platinum series grow light are all effective with the difference of power.

Full spectrum light with two switches as the above one has. UV, IR diodes are integrated on the same panel to give complete food to your plant.  

Best to replace 400 HPS system (less efficient). a complete light from seedling to harvest. Give an equal amount of power or equally efficient in all stages of growth.

Power consumption 180 watts

100 3 watts LEDs for high output

5 years warranty like other platinum lights

Ultra-efficient drivers

Completely American made


All platinum series products have high values of PAR this means the light gives 2 to 3 times more light than the other competitors. Angles of focus at 90 degrees which increases the penetration of light.


Max Coverage 4.5ft x 3.8ft
Model  Platinum Series P-300
Power 300 watts
Energy Consumption 180 Watts
Lifespan 100,000 hrs
Weight 13 lbs
Hanging Distance 18”
Switch Veg and Bloom
LED 100 X 3w (US made LEDs)
Input Voltage AC 85-260V


Below are the Cheap grow lights (low budget) in Canada.

Likesuns LED plant grow light

grow lights canada

If your succulents are not doing well then you need to give them plenty of bright light. I brought this light for my Indoor growing succulents. They love to grow under this light. If you are too looking for cheap and best grow light for your seedlings, herbs, succulents, and flowers then this is the product you need.

No other brand offers 1000 watts and 600 watts of high-quality lights under this price range. Click on the above button and check the latest price on Amazon.

If you go for 600 watts Likesuns grow light you need to pay less electric bills than others. Because the light only consumes 90 watts whereas other high-end lights consumes more than 152 watts.

It has three modes Blue, Red, and Full spectrum. Control them from VEG and BLOOM switches. It can easily cover the 42×42 inches grow area in case of succulents, herbs, and flowers. For seedlings, you need to hang it higher than normal height and it covers the 65×65 inches of grow area.

4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon customer ratings.

Using Suggestions

Young VEG Stage

Hang it 30 inches above the plants

Turn it ON for 16 hours per day


VEG Stage

Hang it 20 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 Hours per day


Flowering Stage

Hang it 18 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 hours per day



Max Coverage 65×65 Inches
Model Likesuns LED
Power 1000 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 50000 hrs
Replaces 800 W HPS/MH
Weight 8 lbs
Dimension 12.2×8.2×2.4 Inches
Input Voltage AxC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>

Aglex COB LED grow light

best led grow light

If your budget is low or you are a beginner and searching for low price best led grow light. Aglex LED COB grow light is the perfect match. It’s pocket-friendly price and high quality make it suitable for indoor gardening.

It has a VEG and BLOOM Control switch. The good news is it only consumes 54.5 Watts when the VEG switch is ON and the Same consumes When BLOOM is ON and VEG is OFF.

If both VEG and BLOOM switches are ON at the same time than it will consume 54.5 W + 54.5 W = 108 Watts. This clearly shows that your production cost will be going to be very low and you will get a heavy harvest.

It has 30 LEDs and one COB with a reflector. The light emitted by COB directly goes deep inside the leaves pores and accelerate the photosynthesis process. This speeds up the plant growth.

This light comes in 600 w, 1200 w, 2000w, and 3000w power range. 600 watts grow light is enough to grow 4 plants in a grow tent. but if you have a grow tent size 6×6 (like mine) then you need to use two 600 watts or choose single 1200 watts.

3 years of product warranty with excellent customer service.

Using suggestions

Young VEG Stage

Hang it 30 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 14 Hours

VEG ON only

VEG Stage

Hang it 20 to 24 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 16 to 18 hours per day


Flowering Stage

Hang it 16 to 20 inches above the plant

Turn it ON for 12 to 14 Hours per day

VEG On and Bloom On


Max Coverage 2.5×2.5 feet
Model Aglex Cob Led
Power 600 watts
Spectrum Full spectrum
Lifespan 50000 hrs
Weight 8lbs
Replaces 400 W HPS/MH
Dimension 17.3”x6”
Input Voltage AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz<>


Small size grow lights or supplemental lighting is required to grow in a small area like in small basements or tight rooms. Some growers like to grow in Small quantity for just themselves or they are the first-timers or beginners who do not have much experience, they like to buy just one single light for all stages of the plant.

For those growers, we bring special full-spectrum lights for compact areas. You do not need to buy more light for each face of growing. Below models of lights are sufficient to give proper nourishment to plants.

These are enough for one or two plants.

Affordable price.

Easily available


indoor grow lights

It has more light means more nutrition for your plant to grow healthy and strong. In test conditions, this light shows satisfactory results.

Users are happy and 95% of them give positive feedback. Investing in high quality led grow lights is always a better idea where they give superior light at the same time they save your consumption of electricity.

The heat emitted by lights or our surroundings put stress on plant growth but this product does not produce heat in large amount so it is safe to use without worrying about heat emission.

A small amount of heat generation is normal and this much does not affect your plant. High-quality LEDs are used in the panel to keep the temperature of the panel as low as possible.

60-degree reflector design suitable for every phase of growth. Avoid buying fake and cheap light they are the wastage of money. Buy the latest light for indoor growing. You can place led panel as close as you want, high-quality LEDs are always cool to touch.


Coverage 2ft x 2 ft 
Model  Niello Ultra-thin
Warranty 12 Months
Spectrum 380 to 740 nm
LEDs 225 x 0.2 watt
Power output 45 Watts
Recommended height 24 inches
Replace  100 HPS/MH
Cooling Fan No
UV & IR 6pcs


indoor gardening canada

This affordable grow light has 212 Red LEDs plus 77Blue LEDs. This is the need of your plant red and blue to grow strong. Suitable for potatoes, tomatoes, lemons, strawberry, etc.

The advanced feature gives you the ability to bring it to the full dimmed condition 0 to 100 % dim-able light so that you can adjust for each stage differently.

Waterproof light for indoor use it prevents the moisture, mist or fog to enter into the light. High-quality steel is used with the mixture of aluminum to ensure the durability of light in all conditions. 0.5 watt LEDs huge savings on electric bills.

Backed by the 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.


Coverage 3ft x 3ft
Model  Emasun
Type of Spectrum Dimmable
Material Aluminum Frame
LEDs 289
LED color Red and Blue
Height 1 to 2 feet
Waterproof  Yes
Cooling Fan No
Installation Easy


growing light

Dual-mode for veg and bloom stage, the brightness of the light is equal to the two lights of the same wattage. You can easily grow tomatoes, roses, basil, lemon, palm tree, etc.

This light is equivalent to 100-watt HPS but it only consumes a few watts of electricity. For veg mode, it only consumes 17w and 15w for the bloom phase.

The complete aluminum case which gives it a strong base. 60 degrees reflector cup design is unique in its class and gives the chances of more absorption of light.

Hang it to 24 to 28 inches for seedling, 18 to 24 inches for growing and 12 to 16 inches for flowering stage respectively.

Glare-free light, in fact, it has a mixture of a different color to make the best spectrum for plants to grow faster. It also increases the chances of better photosynthesis in plants.

1-year warranty from the manufacturer + 30 days returns guarantee if not satisfied.


Lens Generic bulb lens
Daisy Chain YES
Type of Spectrum Full spectrum
Material Aluminum 
Reflector Cup 60 degrees
LED color Red and Blue
LED Protection PC covering
Certificates  CE, FCC, ROHS
Cooling Fan No
Weight 1.4 Lbs


dueal head LED grow light

One light for a full-plant growth beautiful range of 460 nm to 660nm is the range of wavelength which your plant needs for photosynthesis. It has two different heads attached to different shafts with two switches to control each head separately.

2A adapter with a USB connector so that you can use the product by using an electric socket.

A lifespan of 35,000 hours, maximum power 16 watts which enough for small growing for one or two plants.

Do not put too close to the plant it will not increase the light absorption but it will burn your plant for sure. So put it at the minimum distance of 8 inches and a maximum of 20 inches.

Remember plants also needs rest like us to repair the damage and grow so it off after 10 to 12 hours. Use it carefully in damp conditions a sit is not waterproof.

Best Led Grow Lights For Lettuce

How to grow lettuce

Many people like to eat a plate of fresh salad every day. Lettuce is the best part of every type of salad style. Canadian people are more health-conscious then others in the world they like to eat fresh and juicy vegetables.

If you are also a fan of lettuce like me then you should start growing your lettuce at your home. Yes, It is possible to grow fresh juicy lettuce indoors. I know we do not have enough sunshine under the roof but you will be surprised to know that your lettuce plant does not need much sunlight.

Put it on a window where it can get a continuous natural light for at least 6 hours and if this not possible use best led grow light for lettuce. These are artificial grow lighting system that is used by thousands over the globe to grow vegetable in all seasons.

Choosing Best led grow lights for lettuce growing is not an easy job. It is really hard to choose from hundreds of available lights. Without proper knowledge and good experience of indoor growing, you cannot find a suitable light that you can use for years to grow your lettuce.


Aero Garden 45 watt grow light for lettuce


The effectiveness of a growing light depends upon many factors like the quality of light, the angle of light, the material of light, the number of diodes and the color of diodes. We will tell you how this light is different from others.

We are using this light to grow lettuce in our basement from the last 2 years and believe us this is a topmost rated product in the groups of lettuce growers. You are growing it for yourself and family then the light is a perfect choice. Otherwise, go for other bigger lights with extra features and power.

The given light contains red, white and blue light emitting diodes. The red color is suitable for targeting more flowers while blue is good for bigger yield and the third and last white color LEDs are used to grow lettuce at a faster rate.

The best part:

You can use this light on two different styles means, hang it if you have small space or tilt it on its stand if possible for deep penetration of light.

Both hanging kit and stand are included do not need to buy them separately.

45 watt led light which is very suitable for growing lettuce and also saves your money by consuming less electric energy.

Miracle-Gro by AeroGrow

grow lights for lettue

This is the advanced machine used for indoor growing. Three plants can be grown easily and roots are suspended into the water instead of soil. The main benefits are you can use it to grow any type of plant. A perfect combination of grow light and water make your plant healthy and strong.

It also has smart features like a reminder. When your plants need more nutrients it will remind you it will turn on the light of the reservoir. 10-watt high-performance light suitable to grow lettuce and other plants.  Do not worry about your electric bills it will not consume heavy current it is a reliable machine that needs a few amps of current and saves your money.


LED stands for light-emitting diode, many small LED’s are mounted on an electrical chip to make a LED light bulb. These lights come wit in0built fans and heat sink technology. You do not have to rewire your place or change any electrical component use LED. just buy a led light and plug it into the existing electrical supply or socket this is that simple. It is a big myth that one should have to rewire the entire place if someone wants to upgrade his or her lighting technology.


Many indoor growers think full spectrum lights are not necessary for plants but below are the reasons why we recommend choosing full spectrum led grow lights Canada for vegetable and other plants(flowers).

  1. they have a similar light spectrum as of the sun
  2. Increase the growth
  3. Highly effective
  4. Do not need to buy different lights for all growth stages.
  5. No maintenance cost or very low
  6. Always run cool and comes with integrated cooling fans and heat sinks.
  7. Continuous bright light (equal lumen)
  8. Long life span more than 60,000 hours
  9. Environment-friendly and safer to use
  10. Cool to touch while in operation.


Before the invention of LED grow lights people use normal fluorescent or High-pressure sodium lights for indoor growing. There were many drawbacks of using these lamps but at that time this was the only available technology. Where LEDs are small in size, fluorescent lights are bigger and not suitable for compact spaces. Because they much equipment to be installed before use, like separate heat sink systems, external fans or exhausts. All these need a large area and indoor growers mostly have a small area to grow.

 Very easy to install based on plug and play phenomena. You do not need to learn anything before installing them and you also do not need an electrician or professional to install them if you already have the power supply in your space.

We already mentioned this many times that LED Grow lights Canada come with a proper ventilation system you do not have to install it separately.

It is totally up to you how many lights you want an interesting thing is you can install them adjacent to each other. They come in different power ratings so this gives variety to choose. For more information of LED lights used for indoor gardening visit


PAR stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation, it does not tell the power of your light. It shows the usable part of the light which means PAR is a range of light between 400 to 700 NM. These wavelengths are used by plants for photosynthesis. Other wavelengths or remaining light gets reflected by the plants.

PAR is divided into two parts PPF and PPFD.

PPF is flux this shows how many photons are emitted by the light which is usable for plants.

PPFD is flux density this shows how much of PAR is falls on your plant rather than just telling how much is emitted by the light source.

How Many Watts are Right To Choose?

Watts does not show the brightness of LED grow lights. It is mention to tell you the power rating of a product means how much power is drawn to the plants. It also tells us how much of the electric consumption will affect their use.


Studies have shown that red, green and blue light spectra give excellent results on plant growth in all phases. Therefore the manufacturers make led with different light colors. They come in red, green, blue, white and many other colors. It has been shown that different species need different types of light to grow. But researchers observed that when a plant is placed under both red and blue light it starts growing as it grows in natural sunlight. This means the combination of red and blue grow lights are effective in terms of normal plant growth.

White LED grow lights are also extremely beneficial in indoor growing the reason is it provides a full spectrum of light, white light has three different color lights in it. In simple words red, blue and green light make a white LED grow light. So if you have a white grow light this means you have red, green and blue color light whose combination gives white color light. This one light will full fill all your needs and it is affordable.

Now the distance between the plant and the LED light should be a minimum of 10 to 14 inches to prevent leaf damages. Nowadays we have very high power grow light especially in the field of LED grow lights. The longevity of LED grow lights to make them a cost-effective light source.


Photomorphogenesis takes place in plants instead of photosynthesis while growing them under the artificial or man-made grow lights. The different spectrum of light is required to grow a plant without any problem at any stage of growth. An LED light contains many different color diodes these types of lights are often called broad-spectrum grow lights. There are many simple grow lights in the market using them is not very beneficial as they only emit single color while plants need different wavelengths of lights to grow normally as they grow in natural light outside.

Now here comes on thing mind that which light to use or do I have to use multiple lights for indoor growing. The simple answer to this confusion is using the best LED grow lights which emit both red and blue color. Many studies have shown that generally, plants need more blue light in their vegetative phase while for flowering they required much red light so this gives an idea to use both these light for efficient growing. This is the reason that you can see the different colors of growing light in the market. Some people do not have enough space to install different color lights so to reduce this problem manufacturers take a step forward and make purple color LED light for indoor growing. This color is a combination of blue and red color diodes.

It is also easy to use a single light instead of using several grow lights. Some of the expensive LED lights produce UV rays and further studies have shown that UV rays have a positive effect on some species of plants.

White light is a full spectrum light, it has red, blue and green light diodes. The combination of these three colors gives a bright white color. Normally there is not a serious problem in using white grow lights but using too many of them give problems in many growing stages. It is highly advised to use a few white lights with some red and blue lights to make the environment comfortable and suitable for growing plants without sunlight. This method gives all essential light color to plants for perfect growing in each stage.

There is no dought LED’s can grow your plant efficiently, they are the low-cost growing lights. We advise you to choose the best LED to grow lights as they give a wide spectrum of light which is very important for the plant to grow perfectly without a natural light source, this also maximizes your plant growth. Some LED growing lights also produce IR(infrared) light and UV lights but these are little expensive than ordinary grow lights but their longer lifespan and the wide spectrum of colors make them the cost-effective and best choice to make.


LED grow lights in Canada are used for indoor gardening, vegetable production, growing medicinal plants, and herbs, etc. Check the list of House plants for personal suggested by Canadian Government

Grow lights are famous in the food industry to increase the production of food in all seasons those are bigger in size with different shapes but they share the same technology as your household led grow lights. You can use them in the household growing only if you have a large space to install them.

Growing indoor is not an easy process there are many hurdles on this path. The main hurdle is you have to give full light to plants or seeds as much as possible without wasting emitted light. Many techniques are used to make this process more efficient.

Light reflectors are a good example of increasing the efficiency of light. One should install lights or put plants close to each other as possible to grow them without any problem to cultivate them at the right time with heavy fruit.

High-intensity discharge lamps are widely used on the professional level where a large number of Harvest should take place after some time.

There are different types of growing light but a few years ago most people use fluorescent light bulbs but with the development of LED grow light they start using this new technology as it is more affordable and efficient. Using a LED grow light in Canada is a cost-effective and better decision

Fluorescent Grow lights burnt very frequently they do not work well where frequent switching is required and with the increased number of running time their lifetime reduces and need to be replaced more often which will increase the overall growing cost.

This is the big drawback of this old-fashioned technology. Whereas in the case of LED lights you do not need to replace them like fluorescent lamps. LED’s use of light-emitting diodes which never burnt and not need to replace them.

Several small LED’s are used to make one LED grow Bulb.

LED growing lights are made of high-quality plastic and are hard to break mean almost unbreakable.

LED grow bulbs consume less energy as compare to other growing lights which lowers your overall production cost and this means more savings each time you grow something.


Led grow light is an electric light use to grow plants indoors where they cannot receive direct or sufficient sunlight. We all know plants use sunlight for photosynthesis


This is a process used by plants to convert light energy into chemical energy for their living. In simple words we can say they live in sunlight you cannot grow a plant without a light source.

Today many people like to grow just for themselves or for their loved ones but they do not have enough land so they choose to grow plants indoor (Greenhouse growing is a suitable example of indoor growing on large scale).

Therefore the light manufacturers designed their grow lights in such a way so that they(lights) will become perfect for indoor photosynthesis.

There is no naturally occurring light in case of indoor grow lights, they use the same natural light spectrum to emit light similar to natural light.

Growers use these man-made artificial growing light where plants or seeds cannot receive natural sunlight.


For example, in winter when we do not have enough hours of natural light and also most of the land gets covered with snow which makes it difficult for the plant to grow according to their natural process.

To overcome this problem researchers develop artificial lights with natural light like a spectrum which is called indoor grow lights or LED grow lights.


LED Grow lights emit two different light spectrum, one is similar to sunlight while other is tailored spectrum to meet the light requirements of specific plant species. The use of light depends upon the type of plant being cultivated.

Factors like lumen/ watt, color temperature, and spectrum decide the efficiency of an LED grow light. Use of LED Grow lights Canada is growing day by day as the more people like to grow plants, vegetables or other things in their basements or apartments.



Below are the steps to follow while choosing to grow lights.


    1. The area of coverage: Make a clear decision about the space you are going to cover with grow light. This will give the idea of how many grow lights you need to buy and which type (style or shape) you need to buy the most. To cover the large area just use the LED lights adjacent to each other.


  1. Growth cycle: It very important to know the growth cycles of your growing plants before seeding them into the pots or shelves. Full spectrum lights are required for full growth. Many advanced lights have ON/OFF switched on the back of lights so that you can easily adjust the spectrum according to the need for a plant (veg or blooming).
  2. An angle of Lens: Always check the angle of diodes takes a minute to look closer to the diode to check the angle. Remember wider the angle means more coverage.
  3. The last point is the price: This is your personal choice of how much money you want to spend on your grow light.



  1. GROW TENTS: These are an excellent idea to grow plants in a controlled or limited space without disturbing the environment of the house. They are designed to control the smell of soil and fertilizers so that you get clean fresh air inside of your home. You can also protect them from children and give them a nice dark space when they need rest.
  2. Sunglasses: These are designed to protect your eyes from the bright light of Growing Lights. Always wear them before working on LED lights as the direct eye contact can damage your eyes.
  3. LIGHT METER: Every grower should use this gadget to measure the quality of light even the small growers can afford it.
  4. Nutrients: These are very essential for healthy plant growth otherwise your plants will die before the flowering stage. Make sure to choose branded and quality products when it comes to the feeding of your lovely plants.
  5. Inline Duct Fan: These are used to make the Grow room Airy and well ventilated otherwise plants can die due to the lack of oxygen in the room or grow tent.