• Philodendron Bernardopazii Care guide: Expert Tips
    If you are looking for foliage plants to decorate your space. Then you must go for this Philodendron Bernardopazii. This philodendron grows beautiful glossy long leaves. The good news is you can grow this plant in any part of your home. Because it needs less light than most tropical plants. Below is the complete information … Read more
  • Philodendron Atom Care, Propagation & Problems
    If you are new to houseplants then start your journey from Philodendron Atom. It is an easy-to-grow plant for all levels of gardeners. It grows shining waxy leaves, which give it a fresh tropical look. It needs filtered light, moist soil, and moderate watering for thriving. Waxy green leaves need high humidity for shine. Let’s … Read more
  • Philodendron Asplundii Care Guide & Troubleshooting
    If you are looking for a unique philodendron that is not very common. Then Philodendron Asplundii must be your choice. Because this philodendron is hard to find in garden stores. Only a few luckies see this plant in their life. Today I’ll explain how you can grow this plant without damaging it. What are its … Read more
  • Philodendron Melanoneuron Care: Expert Tips & Hacks
    The glossy leaves of Philodendron Melanoneuron make it unique and easy to care for. This philodendron plant also grows flowers in cluster form. But they are not very beautiful, I have this plant in my room because of its beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Normally it needs indirect bright light, moderate water, and all-purpose fertilizer. To keep … Read more
  • How to Grow Philodendron Nangaritense Indoors?
    This decorative philodendron grows shining green leaves on red stems. This makes it a rare and expensive plant. It is not easily available in garden stores. If you want to add it to your indoor garden you have to search for it online. I have paid $65 for a young Philodendron Nangaritense. I received it … Read more
  • Philodendron Royal Queen Care: Darkest Aroid
    Philodendron Royal Queen is a less expensive rare houseplant. It changes its leaves color 3 times in its lifespan. This feature makes it unique from other philodendrons. Today you’ll learn how to grow and care for Royal Queen Philodendron, how to propagate it, and fertilize it. Generally, it needs moderate light, occasional fertilizers, regular water, … Read more
  • Philodendron Lupinum Care Guide: Proven Growing Tips
    Philodendron Lupinum is an expensive tropical houseplant. Most plant lover wants to grow it. If you too want to add it in your indoor plant collection. But are confused about its growing needs. And don’t want it to die due to any negligence in its care. Then this post will help you to grow your … Read more
  • Philodendron Snowdrift Care, Propagation & Troubleshooting
    Philodendron Snowdrift is a variegated foliage plant. This plant is not for beginners because it needs little extra care. Not all snowdrift plants get the same type of variegation. Some plants show lime yellow-golden variegation while some are white-golden. In this article, you’ll learn how to grow a healthy and thriving Snowdrift Philodendron with minimal … Read more
  • Philodendron Glad Hands Care Guide and Common Problems
    Philodendron Glad Hands is a good climber plant. It is an excellent houseplant for busy growers. It needs less care and maintenance than other common houseplants. You can easily find this plant in your local garden stores. In today’s guide, you’ll learn how to grow and care for Philodendron Glad Hands. What is Philodendron Glad … Read more
  • Philodendron Little Phil Care and Troubleshooting Guide
    If you are looking for a compact philodendron for your tabletop. You should choose the philodendron little Phil. It is more compact than other philodendrons which make it the best piece of decoration for home and offices. Little Phil is ideal for Hanging baskets, Terrariums, and small decorative plant pots. It needs low to moderate … Read more
  • Philodendron Gardeniodorum: Secrets Tips for Thriving Plant
    If you are new to houseplants and want a special type of easy-to-grow philodendron plant. Then you must go for the Philodendron Gardeniodorum. Its leaves and looks make it different than other evergreen philodendrons. The good news is it is not a common type of houseplant that you can find in every other house garden. … Read more
  • Philodendron Heterocraspedon: A Horticulturist’s Growing Secrets
    Adding Philodendron Heterocraspedon to your indoor plant collection means adding extraordinary greenery to your place. It has long oblong shaped leaves with a bright green top and reddish underside. Philo. Heterocraspedon is a less expensive plant and doesn’t need special care and attention. You can grow it without using costly fertilizers. It also absorbs pollutants … Read more
  • Philodendron Holtonianum Care: A Leatherleaf Philodendron
    If you are looking for a green foliage plant with excellent drought tolerance then you should choose Philodendron Holtonianum. This plant grows unique long green leaves. The best part is it needs less water and fertilizers as compared to other green philodendrons like: Philodendron Martianum Philodendron Imperial Green In this guide, you’ll learn how to … Read more
  • Philodendron Goldiana Care: A Horticulturist’s Guide
    Philodendron Goldiana is a plant with golden leaves. Its leaves make it a beautiful and extraordinary plant. This is the reason it is commonly found in indoor gardens. If you want to decorate your indoor space with golden leaves. Go for this golden philodendron. But before that, you must learn about its care and maintenance … Read more
  • Philodendron Barrosoanum: #1 Secrets for Thriving Plant
    Go for Philodendron Barrosoanum if you are looking for trilobed houseplants. It is easy to grow and maintain throughout the year. You can easily add enough greenery to your home by growing a few Philo. Barrosoanum plants. Use a bamboo stick or moss pole to support its structure. This encourages it to grow tall and … Read more
  • Philodendron Whipple Way: A Unique and Rare Philodendron
    Philodendron Whipple Way is a slow-growing variegated philodendron plant. It grows beautiful variegated long leaves. It is a climber and to grow it tall you should use a moss pole. In the initial stage, the leaves stay green and as they mature, they turn pale green and develop dark green streaks. Sometimes the variegated leaves … Read more
  • Philodendron Martianum: How to Grow Fat Boy Philodendron
    Philodendron Martianum is a perfect indoor foliage plant. You must go for it if you are looking for a green plant that needs less care and attention. It needs less water, fertilizers, and normal humidity to grow. The best part is it is a pest-resistant plant. Root rot is the only disease that can kill … Read more
  • Philodendron Tenue Care: Expert Tips and Troubleshooting
    If you are searching for easy to grow philodendron plant. You must choose Philodendron Tenue. It grows beautiful green leaves. The best part is it needs less care than many other philodendron plants.  Add it to your indoor plant collection to increase the number of easy-to-grow foliage plants. Tenue Philodendron needs moderate watering and light … Read more
  • Philodendron Red Moon Care: Expert Tips for Thriving Plant
    Today I am going to talk about the very rare philodendron plant. Philodendron Red Moon is super rare and it is difficult to find in garden stores and online sites. Luckily, I got mine from my neighbour. She loves to grow indoor plants like me. Without going deep into the story let me tell you … Read more
  • Philodendron Florida Beauty Care: In-Depth Guide for Thriving Plant
    Philodendron Florida Beauty is one of the most beautiful variegated philodendron plants. It is a plant that is famous all over the globe. Florida Beauty is a hybrid version, means it is created by botanists. The shape of its leaves and cream-lime variegation on green leaves make it totally different type of philodendron. You can … Read more