Growing Basil at Home

Adding herbs to your diet is very beneficial for health. Almost Everybody wants to eat fresh herbs but it is also true that they are costly to buy from the supermarket. Nowadays growing herbs like basil at home are quite inexpensive and easy to grow. Herbs do not want much attention and care they grow[...]

Kratky Method of Hydroponics

I know hydroponic growing is not easy but it is the best and safe methods of growing plants. hydroponic systems are costly and required experience. What if I tell you that you can grow plants without experience and spending much of hard-earned money on growing equipment. Kratky method or Passive hydroponic is the least expensive[...]

Benefits Of LED lights For Indoor Growing

When it comes to indoor growing we have to consider many factors before making a decision. There are in fact many benefits of doing so. LED light is very popular in indoor farming today we are going to discuss some of the main benefits of LED grow lights. Read carefully to increase your knowledge about[…]

Garden Roses

Table of Contents Best Way of Growing Roses in Your GardenFirst of all, let’s choose the containerNOW IT’S TIME TO SELECT THE BEST GARDEN ROSESWHERE TO PLACE CONTAINERS: Best Way of Growing Roses in Your Garden We all like to have roses in our garden, in fact, some people grow roses in a pot or[…]

Easy To Grow Vegetables

What makes it easy to grow vegetables? Growing vegetables is not a rocket science you need to have a good knowledge of growing which makes it easy to grow vegetables in any season. Today you will learn the basics of growing vegetables. We all know the fruits and veggies that we buy from the supermarket[…]

Grow Tent Setup

Table of Contents Beginners guide to set up a grow tentSTEPS TO SET UP A GROW TENT:BENEFITS: Beginners guide to set up a grow tent Many people ask us to give some tips on grow tent setup, they really need help to set up their grow tent. Today our team members make this article for[…]

Growing Eggplant In Pot

Table of Contents How to grow eggplant is a potGrowing eggplants in potOther requirements for growing them inside How to grow eggplant is a pot Growing eggplant in pot is a complex process it takes time to get perfect in this process. But if you are a fan of this delicious vegetable than you can[…]

Growing Lettuce Indoors

Easy Steps to Grow Lettuce at Home Growing lettuce indoors is an excellent idea but is it difficult to grow lettuce indoors the answer is of course not. It is very simple and easy to grow lettuce at home and you have a continuous supply of organic crispy and fresh lettuce for 365 days. Salad[…]

Steps To Grow Potatoes Indoors

Table of Contents Growing Potatoes in Your HouseNO POTATOE EYEThe Right Way of Growing Potatoes IndoorsPOTATOES UNDER LIGHT:NUTRITIONAL VALUES:MENTAL HEALTH:STRONG IMMUNITY: Growing Potatoes in Your House Growing potatoes indoor is a great idea for many reasons. Potatoes are rich in minerals and do not need much attention. In fact, they need less water as compared[…]

Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Table of Contents How to grow delicious tomatoes indoors?Growing Tomatoes Indoors successfully?THE GERMINATION PROCESS:HEALTH BENEFITS:Skin benefits:BELOW ARE SOME OTHER BENEFITS How to grow delicious tomatoes indoors? We all know growing tomatoes in winter season is not possible as the tomatoes are the warm season crop. This means we cannot get fresh juicy tomatoes in this[…]